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Finding Success In College Essay

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John Wooden once said “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” (Wooden). With these words of wisdom, I want to complete college successfully the first time. In order to achieve this victory I must self-motivate through goal setting and positive self-talk, I have to develop relationships, and self-manage.
Goals of being a successful student
Aspirations help you look past the right now and help you picture yourself in the future. They help you to not only have a dream, but be able to envision it as well. Without making goals, one is deciding to stare at the ground rather than the beauty of the world. Dreams give you hope of a future. It is important to set short term achievements that help encourage you towards completing your long term goals (Downing 2014).
As a student who has a long term aspiration of being accepted into the Occupational Therapy program at Texas Woman’s University, I have to have high expectations of myself or else I will not make it. I am aiming for a 3.8 GPA throughout my undergraduate program and at least a 3.5 in the occupational therapy graduate program. I have to make mostly A’s in order to accomplish this goal and lots of study time. Even though GPA is a major part of getting to the next step, and it has been a traditional predictor of college success it has not been a predictor of college graduation (Sparkman, Maulding, & Roberts 2012). This means that locking myself in a room with a book all day will not get me through college, I have to generate friendships that will help inspire me as well.
College is a place that promotes interdependence and independence at the same time. Hazard (2013) not only speaks of the fact that it is not only important to make friends during the first year of college, but friends that will uplift you. Downing (2014) puts it this way “whom you spend time with will dramatically affect your outcomes and experiences in college.” For me personally I like to think that I am very independent, but I have to open my eyes to the reality that independence did not get me to where I am today. My ambition is to begin at least one friendship in every class that I attend. It is not enough to just set a goal though.
In order to accomplish the goals that I stated above I have to self-manage constantly. As a student in higher education my mom does not check to confirm that I get my homework done. My friends are not going to text me the night before a test to ensure that I studied for it. Honestly they might do it occasionally, but it is my responsibility to keep track of those things. I have to keep a constant to do list and cross things off as I get them done. I have the intention of keeping my test dates and major papers on my monthly calendar as suggested by Downing (2014). What happens next though?
Beyond College
My dreams cannot suddenly run out just because I graduated from my University. I have to keep my head up looking for the next opportunity....

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