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Finding Your Place In High School

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“Why fit in when you can stand out?” You have been told this your whole life. But whose responsibility is it to find out where you fit in, yours? Or your peers? Your adolescent years are all about trying to not stand out, and trying just as hard to fit in with the “in crowd.” You use more energy trying to “fit in,” instead of just spending all your energy on being who you really are. A group of friends are suppose to have things in common, but that is hard when everyone is putting up a fake persona. It is the student body’s responsibility to make sure that everyone has a place they can fit in and be themselves. People spend their whole lives trying to “fit in,” while the people who “stand out” are the ones who become something. Think about it, how many times have you looked at a kid eating alone and instead of asking him to join you, you instead ignore him and pretend that it is just how things work.
Through the years you hear it from older siblings and in the media people saying, the number one tip to surviving high school is this: Do not stand out, just fit in and you will make it. But this is not always true, when you fit in you are cheating yourself. You never will know what you can accomplish. There is always that voice in your head saying “What will people think of me? Will they think I am weird?” As the “Girls Bullying” article points out, “These acts can include rumor spreading, secret divulging, alliance-building, backstabbing, ignoring, excluding from social groups and activities, verbally insulting, and body language,” (“Girls Bullying Girls; an Introduction to Relational Aggression”). In high school in order to not feel ridiculed most people walk on egg shells, they just stay under the radar so nobody talks bad about them. They are afraid of what people think, instead of just being themselves.
High school is suppose to be the “best 4 years of your life.” This may be true, but when you spend the entire time wasting energy trying to “fit in,” your time there is lost. Every teenager dreams of being included in the popular crowd, however this may not be who they are. They are to busy trying to be someone they are not. During his poetry reading Shane Koyczan argues, “We are expected to define ourselves and if we did not do it others would do it for us,” (Shane Koyczan). If you waste all this energy trying to fit in with the “in crowd,” then where is the energy used to find yourself? In high school, if you let kids define who you are then you are their robot. You are no longer yourself, you are a programmed version of what they want you to be.
In Kindergarten, you become friends with people who have the same kind of markers as you, or the kid that has your favorite power ranger on their shirt. You actually have things in common, you do not become friends with them just because you think they are “popular.” As the years go on this theory starts to diminish. Unlike...

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