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Finding Your Place In The World

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In the book Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift, Gulliver must see the world through another's eyes to know where he, as a human in ¨normal¨ European life, really stands in the world through his times both large and small in the islands of Lilliput and Brobdingnag, his long, third voyage through the many islands, such as the island of Laputa, as an outcast, and his life changing experiences with the Houyhnhnms and their power over the human-like Yahoos. In the villages of Lilliput and Brobdingnag, Gulliver learns through being very large and very small, and is struggles throughout both of these in comparison to the rest of ¨normal¨ society. Through the many islands in the third voyage, es ...view middle of the document...

He is now on the other side of the spectrum, forced to be small and powerless among the giants. Through this experience he is able to understand the Lilliputians way about him when he seemed large and how they felt about him. Also in his experiences in Brobdingnag, similar to Lilliput, he faced situations in where he was forced to make his own decisions. For example, when Gulliver was nearly killed from the giant farmer that did not see him at first and later kept him as a pet and a show toy, Gulliver is faced with the grave situation and later must find way to escape, but almost all that had happened to him in his time with the giants happened through his own decisions. These decisions define his as a human, European citizen and most importantly himself, particularly in this situation, an independant individual. Hence, Gulliver finds out more information about himself and his society through his strength in Lilliput, his weakness in Brobdingnag, and all of his voyages including his third.
To succeed, throughout Gullivers long third voyage through the many islands, especially Laputa, and others such as Luggnagg, and Japan to name a couple, as an outcast he views the diversity from his everyday life as a European citizen, from a completely different perspective. Thus, these experiences led Gulliver to view himself and his society differently, sometimes better, but was later faced with the reality that it may not be so. Such as the island of Laputa for example; here Gulliver is among what it seems to be the brightest people in the world and is much out of place. He, as wise as he is, is not able to comprehend the people of Laputa as well as he would like. He then realizes that the Europeans, himself one, are not as bright as they may think they are and realizes that this type of person he is not like. The other side of the story though is that they do lack some common sense, something, it seems like to Gulliver, his society has much more of. This also makes Gulliver ponder the question of his and his societies true identities. As for the other islands, he visited them as an outcast in many ways and was a keen observer of these societies. Therefore, through his...

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