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Preparing For D Day Essay

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My wedding is a few months away now. If there's one thing I can truly say, is that the months leading-up to what I've come to call D-Day are not the easiest of times for a couple.It is a time filled with obstacles that seem to be constantly testing the relationship, as the couple is forced to juggle a number of things simultaneously - from trying to finalise every single minute detail for the big day months in advance, to getting the so-called love nest finished on time. Add to those the pressures of work, and for some studies too, and you've got one roller-coaster ride ahead of you.Planning for the big (wedding) day takes so much of your energy, time and money. Good thing we weren't overly fussy or we would have had to book, with the torture of anxiously waiting that goes with it, a couple or so years before the big day. However, just one look at the checklist of things that need to be done is enough to give you the shivers, and I'm not talking cold feet here! As you start ticking off more obvious and important stuff like the church and reception venue, your first thought is, "Great, we're almost done!" But you barely have time to savour the moment, when you get to realise what Hercules must have felt when facing the Hydra.In the beginning of a relationship, when the only thoughts revolve around where you're going to dine-out or what gift to buy your partner, you feel that the strength of your love will be enough to overcome all the problems that life will choose to throw at you. Fast-forward a few years and while love will remain a very critical ingredient, it might not be enough. It's amazing how in times of stress, seemingly trivial items are sure to spark major arguments that often lead to, or originate from, more deep-seated discord. It might be that you forget or just start taking for granted the fine arts of compromise or listening. I'm not saying either is easy. At times, after a long day at work, the only thing you feel like doing is to head home and crush into a comfy sofa or bed.Having to run around getting estimates - whether it's tiles and furniture for the house, or gifts and invitations for the wedding - can eventually take its toll on your system. It's just too bad you don't get frequent-driving-miles! Luckily, you would have already filtered the list to something more...

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