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Preparing For The Big Day Essay

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A lot of people across America have different hobbies they like to do. Mine is running. But, running you may ask, I just do it for no particular reason. I run because I know that it is good for the body, and I find it fun. Running is a self motivator that does not consist for you to depend on anyone for it. The most that I have trained for an event is a running distance of 3.1 miles or 5 kilometers, which is also known as a 5K. Many runners have different ways to train for a race but mine is just easy to follow but very passionate.
For beginners, the runner who will be running a 5K must be in a good physical shape. If the runner is a little overweight or indeed need a bit of “fat” on their bones, they must consult a doctor to see how much the runner can push their bodies. If it something minor like losing three pounds off your scale then consider avoiding falling into “fat traps” like I like to call them. Ways to get fitter faster is creating a workout because these will eventually make you lose calories and then pounds. I call this phrase of losing weight to get into shape your fat- burning zone.
When a runner has the mindset that they are ready to run a race, they should consider the following. A runner should always stick to a plan because doing too much running can lead you to a risk of injury and then running can become dangerous. Creating a plan will also lead you to schedule a workout to run. A slow build up will allow your body to get used to running a 5K. At first, the mind will create every possible excuse into making you not want to run or not finish the run but just take it easy and you will overcome those thoughts out of your head.
The first couple of days, the runner should concentrate on finding the right pace to run in and it should be consistent. In addition, do not hesitate to walk during a run because giving yourself a little break will help you get the run completed and it makes the run look more achievable. Running on soft surfaces helps reduce injuries but let be a bit of soreness be a factor to your guide. A modest muscle pain is actually good because it is actually typical, but once this pain swells just cut down or end the run and rest. As long as you feel comfortable with your pace and know that your injury-free, run straight up and do not lean forward.
Other ways to improve your running skills for a 5K race is trying to feel relaxed when you are running. This will help you prevent getting the muscle in your legs and arms tended up. A helpful tip is looking up into the horizon and not your feet, it will make you think of other things like how pretty it is outside to run. Additionally, creating a very long...

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