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The Effects Of An International Sports Event On The Host Country

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2.0 Findings
2.1 Literature Review
The organizing of an international sports event can bring many benefits as well as adverse outcomes to the host country. However, this depends on the public as many people have different views on such event. This section covers past studies on hosting an international sports event which are reviewed to provide the information needed for the three research questions which were established in this research conducted.
2.1.1 What are the public’s views on Olympics?
2.1.2 What are the advantages and disadvantages of hosting the Olympics in Malaysia?
2.1.3 How will the Olympics affect the economy and the welfare of citizens?

2.1.1 Public’s views on the Olympics
After the London Olympics in 2012, Sports Minister Hugh (cited in BBC 2013) mentions that even after the Olympic has ended, people outside England could still recall about the events and would congratulate on organizing the best Olympic event. The Olympic legacy ambassador, Lord Coe, added that economy boost was undoubtedly distinguished and that a survey conducted regarding the Games after the event showed a good outcome (BBC 2013).
Prior to the bidding of which country to host the Olympic, Japan was chosen to host the 2020 Olympic. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe proudly declared that such event can unite people and it was like a celebration in offering dreams and hope. In addition, he also wants to give back to the world for helping Japan after the 2011 earthquake by organizing a safer and secure Olympic event (CNN Staff 2013).
While in Rio, Gomes (cited in Smale 2012), agreed that the citizens of Brazil became more attracted to the Olympics after the 2012 Olympic in London. She concluded that according to the public, Rio would not gain much investment if it wasn’t for the 2016 Olympic to be hosted in the city.
2.1.2 Advantages and disadvantages of hosting the Olympics in Malaysia
In III- The economic impact of the Olympic Games (2004), the advantages gained from the hosting of an international sports event are the tourists visiting, revenues earned and an international reputation. In Financing, Ethics, and the Brazilian Olympics, facilities built for the 2016 Olympic in Brazil will benefit citizens, such as the construction of a subway which will help reduce pollution on the roads. Housing for the tourists during the Olympic event can be transformed into apartments for residents (Sheridan n.d.).
On the other hand, there are also disadvantages to hosting such event. Firstly, the amount of spending involved in organizing and setting up the stadiums and the activities that will lasts throughout the Olympic event will be a huge cost to the host country. Also, such an international sports event does provide jobs but these jobs don’t lasts very long and are normally discontinued after the Olympic has ended (Disadvantages for London n.d.). In Athens, the facilities that were created for the 2004 Olympic are remained unoccupied until today and it was...

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