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Findings And Methods Essay

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Observation Research over a one, two hour period and interview, will be the main methods this research will be conducted. Observation research will allow field notes to be developed which will give an understanding into the methods used by teachers to teach reading effectively in a primary school setting. It will also help me become a better teacher to primary school students on the topic of reading as I will have a deeper understanding. The reason for the selection of the methods is, they will allow validity and reliability for past arguments on how to teach reading effectively and the professional development done by teachers to enhance student’s reading skills. I will use ...view middle of the document...

Yet while only speaking and knowing one language, this student had difficulty reading basic texts which would be considered to be a grade two level of text. Flint et al (2014) explains the characteristics of a struggling reader, one being slow comprehender. This was shown by the way the student stumbled on words and tried to use the visual aids in the book to develop and understanding of what was written on the page. Also the student would alter words by looking at the pictures, then would replace the word written down. An example of this is when he saw a couch in the picture he replace the word written down, chair with couch. From this it is clear that the student does not understand the meaning of words and has to use pictures to develop meaning from the text. It is clear from this student’s reading abilities that he needs more support in being able to comprehend the meaning of words without the use of visual aids so that he can improve his reading.
The second student, the teacher assessed was a grade four male student. Besides being a grade four students, he also was an E.S.L student who came from the middle east. Like the grade three boy beforehand this student also struggled with reading, but in different areas. He had fluency with his reading and stop at full-stops and understood the meaning of basic grammar. But like the boy before he had developed a one-dimensional model of reading. Graham et al (2012) argues the problem with one-dimensional model of reading is it does not give the students and understanding into the meaning of words. They state the one-dimensional model is when students memorise words and not understand the meaning of the word. From this, they will not develop their reading skills as they will not understand the argument or point made by the author.

The final student, that was obverse was a grade three female. This student was another ESL student who only been in Australia for a time period of a year and three months. She came from Sri Lanka and learn basic English and reading skills in Sri Lanka at school. Her reading was fluent, but at times she missed pronounce some of the words. In comparison to they the boys her student had no pictures and she understood the meaning of words and from the story. This girl supports Goldberg et al (2013) theory that girls develop faster than boys. But Goldberg et al (2013) theory does not reflex on an individual prior knowledge, Therefore, their theory should be basic on students prior knowledge not gender. As this student was more distracted than the boys when they were tested. This proves Goldberg et al (2013) is not correct saying girls are less likely to be distracted. After reading, the...

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