Findings In The Search For Extra Terrestrial Life

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Extraterrestrial life is life originating from elsewhere in the universe. Irrefutable scientific evidence of extraterrestrial life is yet to be found, but a lot of better evidence is found every now and then. Most scientists accept the idea of extraterrestrial life, stating that taking into account that our universe’s size, the number of galaxies, and most importantly the number of earth-like planets, are beyond our imagination. The above shows that if no life is found in our solar system, then that has no proof whatsoever that no extraterrestrial life exists. The universe is vast, way beyond our imagination. The number of galaxies is also beyond our imagination, and we have only begun understanding the number of extra-solar planets in the universe. An extra-solar planet is a planet that revolves around a star. A group of these make up a solar system. Our planet, Earth, is an extra-solar planet, which is why scientists look for extra-solar planets for life, especially ones resembling planet Earth. The first extrasolar planet was discovred in 1995. More than 400 extra-solar planets have been discovered since then, some of which have been put under some serious research because of Earth-like features. But of course, not every extra-solar planet is habitable, which is a common mistake because some people think an extra-solar planet is a planet resembling earth, which is wrong. Another issue while searching for extraterrestrial life is water. On planet earth, every living creature needs water, whether it is directly, or indirectly, just like all living creatures need sunlight whether it is direct or not. Planets with drinkable liquid water have yet to be found, but some have been high in the contenders list. The star Gliese 581, which is named after a famous German astronomer, is surrounded by several planets. Gliese 581 d is a planet which is believed to have water in liquid state. Mathematical equations have proved that Gliese 581 d is in a good zone far from its star to contain liquid water. This remains argued about, and scientists continue to research about Gliese 581 d. One of Jupiter’s moons, Europa, is believed to have an underground ocean. Some unknown astronomer once said that Mermaid-like creatures inhabit that planet, and they are of direct descent of humans. I believe that is just a fairy-tale from an astronomer who wants to gain fame. The underground ocean’s very existence is still under research, let alone the findings of extraterrestrial life, resembling mermaids!
In 1996, a revolutionary discovery was made, which rocked the world, as well as all scientists researching extraterrestrial life. A Martian meteorite, which had fallen on Antarctica back in time, was examined and proved to have some traces of microbes, leading to a theory stating life has existed on Mars, and some scientists even said Martian life still exists today. Some other scientist came up with “Exogenesis”, which is a theory that states life on earth has originated...

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