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Fine Arts Performance Review

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I went to the grand opening of the Performing Arts Center here on campus, on Sunday March 2nd. I think this was the perfect introductory display of performance art for someone like me, who is science and math oriented. There were four acts encompassing many areas such as dance, musicals, orchestra, opera, and theatre.
Act I was the finale to Act I of the musical “Anything Goes” originally by Cole Porter. Written in 1934, the story about this young guy, Billy Crocker, who stows away on a ship, the S.S. America, in order to be with his love, who incidentally is engaged to another guy on the boat named Lord Oakleigh. Along the way he is helped by a couple of friends including nightclub singer Reno Sweeney. The particular part performed that evening at the Performance Art Theatre was after Reno was kissed by Oakleigh. The song is about scandal and gossip in society, and was performed flawlessly. The performers did an excellent job of portraying the carefree theme of the song. The swing music from the band went perfect with the cheerful, upbeat theme. The tap dancing was the most impressive to me since they stepped in sync with the music perfectly.
Act II was a performed by the Merge Dance Company together with the Texas State Chorale. It was a choral work: “Horizons” by Peter Louis van Dijk.Written in 1995, the song tells the story of the South African Bushman of the early 1700s, who experienced the decimation of the African people by British colonists. The dance portion of the performance was created by the dance department I believe. Overall it was a very moving piece that used the elements of ballet, harmony, and drama to convey a somber tone and also the underlying feeling of hope and determination.
Act III was an opera singspiel, which was a German opera with acting integrated in. They acted/sang Act 2, Scene 1 of “Die Entführung aus dem Serail”(The Abduction from the Seraglio), composed Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1782. The singspiel was about this noble Spanish woman Konstanze and her maid Blonde that were captured and sold to the Turkish man, Pasha. In the part played out as a duet, Osmin, Pasha’s servant,...

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