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Fine Arts Programs Should Be Kept In Schools

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Fine arts gives students a chance to pour their hearts into something beautiful; a chance to be a part of something that is bigger than just themselves. Some schools are facing financial troubles with the current economy, and one of the first programs they consider cutting is fine arts. The removal of fine arts programs would be absolutely devastating to countless members of the community. Many students would lose their favorite class, in some cases the one class that helps them get through the day, and many teachers that truly care fir the students would lose their dream jobs. Fine arts should not be cut from schools; they build confidence, help with the application of other academic concepts, and even help to prepare students for their future work in the business world.
Performing or public speaking of any kind is difficult, but that difficulty can help to build confidence. Fine arts gives students the ability to perform and build confidence with their own support team of people who do and love the same thing. Not having to perform alone and knowing that everything possible has been done to ensure a good performance helps performers be confident in themselves and in their abilities. “Puneet Jacob, former choristers and current assistant conductor, says kids are often afraid to perform because of fear of failure.” (Lefebvre) The more a person faces their fear, especially when they do well and the fear is disproved, the less afraid he or she will become. When students work on music or a play for months on end, they become much more confident in themselves and what they can do than they were when they first began.
One thing that many people do not appreciate is how beneficial fine arts can be to academic success. All fine arts can be used to teach reading, as they all have visual components in them. In a study performed by Amy B. Graziano, Matthew Peterson, and Gordon L. Shaw a group of children were given piano lessons and math training for a certain amount of time, while a control group received only the math training. At the end of the experiment the children were all given a math test; the children who had been given piano lessons scored fifteen percent higher on their math tests than the ones who received only the math training. (Deasy 110) According to Chorus America’s Chorus Impact Study, “parents with children singing in choruses report their children get significantly better grades than children who’ve never been part if one.” This fact is proven in their research that states that sixty four percent of chorus students reported that their language arts skills had improved, fifty seven percent reported that they improved in math, and sixty one percent reported an overall increase in their academic skill levels since joining fine arts. From those statistics, it is almost impossible to imagine that anyone would consider removing fine arts from public schools.
Many business leaders see participation in the fine arts as a plus in possible...

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