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The Great American Opportunity In America today, we have a problem of looking at the big picture. Not the big screen downtown in the local movie theater, but the screen of human life. In a movie once, an actor said, "life is cheap to those type of people". This was out on the back roads of Denton, Texas. Motorcycles whizzing by in the hard, pouring rain. Brad and Janet were caught flat with a bad spare tire. Brad knew he should have got that darned spare tire fixed. Yet, the overwhelming thought of pleasure led Brad, a well-mannered man, to the back roads to fulfill his manly desires. The small picture is that Brad dressed up in his tux and looking like a total dork is really what the viewer called an "asshole" in the live version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.The window shoppers driving by at midnight in Denton might have the same thoughts as Brad "life is cheap to those type of people". The degenerate of America were all lined up outside the theatre with seven dollars in hand to put on a show and take part in their right of passage. The Rocky is a very long show when watched by ones self. Yet, add some energetic sprites and the show takes on the persona of a Broadway play. The window shoppers just see men and women cross-dressed and not the masterpiece inside the theatre. Sometimes people need to step back from the window and walk over to open up the door in order to see the big picture. The big picture is present in my life.The essay "The Thing They Carried" has a relationship with my life. The Army was an underpaid, dreadful period in my life. The extra canteens, the spare ammo, weapons and maps were nothing compared to the things carried out of the Army. The images of dead bodies, sleep disorder and deadly toxins in my blood stream are constant reminders that life is full of choices. The choices we make today do influence the dreams we have tomorrow. The Army has an unwritten code: break down the individual so the soldier can shine.The Army used thousands of other soldiers as guinea pigs during the Gulf war. The shot of anthrax was just one of those extras the Army gave to me. The doctor knew that I did not want to be an experiment, but anthrax is running though my veins. The Army does not care if their experiments fail, because the Army cannot be sued. One does not have to become a soldier to see the side effects of the military. During the thirties soldiers were exposed to the radiation from the Bomb. Fifty years later the government took the blame after most of the victims had died from cancer. During the sixties it was Agent Orange. My Uncle Billy is missing his throat because of the big "C". The little extra the Army gave him for his trip to Vietnam. What extra will I pick up in twenty years? The human body requires only four hours of sleep a day to be fully functional. The Army is firm believer in this fact. This fact must have been discovered in the German concentration camp. Sixty day on four hours of...

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The things they carried Essay

563 words - 2 pages Chandy Thorn Thorn 1Cynde DelauderEnglish 11130 September 2014"In many respects, Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried concerns the relationship between fiction and the narrator" (Friedlander 1). The story that O'Brien writes is not a true story, however he can relate to it because he was an active participant in Vietnam. Tim O'Brien wrote much more than a war time story. Tim O'Brien wrote a Story, of pain, hardship, love, and the heavy burdens

The Things They Carried Essay

740 words - 3 pages away from them. As a reader on must thing that since LT. Cross is thinking about Martha's virginity is as something dear to her. As for some one's life is dear to them one must not take it when they want to but when it is ready to be taken. As Tim O'Brien wrote the this story of his past and those who struggle we see in “The Things They Carried”, is full of example of symbolism. As the title the things they carried from their past, where the men

The Things They Carried

1707 words - 7 pages The Things They Carried, written by Tim O’Brein, is a story told through the eyes of members of a United States Army troop trudging their way through the Vietnamese country side and jungles during the Vietnam War. Each man has a specific job and so they carry specific belongings that they need to fulfill that job as well as a few mementos from home. These men also carry unseen baggage that is all too real to these men, their families and

The Things They Carried

1646 words - 7 pages . Tim O’Brien accomplishes basically the same goal in The Things They Carried by giving the reader many brief stories about his time in the Vietnam War. These two books- though incredibly different on the surface - share a plethora of themes and symbology, as well as many similar events. They do not, however, emphasize or present these ideas in the same way. Each of these authors has a unique way of incorporating their own themes or values into

The Things They Carried

1000 words - 4 pages "The Things They Carried," is a fiction story-telling book about the Vietnam War by Tim O'Brien that describes the physical and emotional burdens the men carry not only during their time in Vietnam but also years after leaving the warfront. The book is a series of stories told with O'Brien as the main narrator. O'Brien tells of the journey he takes alongside his unit, revealing his fight for courage and decision to commit to the serving in the

The Things they Carried

1053 words - 4 pages Untitled The Things They Carried In The Things They Carried O'Brien Challenges such Traditional concepts of war stories such as courage, bravery, heroism and masculinity. Though their painful experiences his characters are burdened by fear shame and guilt... the things they must carry for the rest of their lives. Bold, brave, strong rugged, heroic, laughing in the face of hardship, adversity and even death. These are the

The Things They Carried

2795 words - 11 pages violence. Though the war still needed to be fought so men became soldiers freely or because they were drafted. In the story “Things They Carried”, soldiers are faced head on with the Vietnam War. Tim O’Brien shows how the men carry the weight of physical objects through out the war. The men bog themselves down with physical objects that they do not necessarily need yet, they can drop them at anytime. On the other hand, it is the emotional baggage the

the things they carried

1095 words - 5 pages Wars tends to be the matter of historical record and soldiers are considered as emotionless machines just obeying the orders in the war. Nobody cares about the individual soldier who actually fights in a war. "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien is about a soldier who is trying to communicate with civilians and tell them what he went through before and during the war. At times there is recitation of the uninteresting items

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641 words - 3 pages The Things They Carried by Tim O'BrienIn the short story The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien, the author explores human nature and the emotions that are carried with them. This emotional baggage is represented by the love that a soldier feels towards a girl back home. It is contrasted by the everyday things they carry while at war. Ultimately this story deals with the theme of growing up and taking responsibility.One of the clever aspects of

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1026 words - 4 pages a sense of Jim's victory over his indulgence with Martha and he finally understands to put his priorities in order. Although the emotional attachment to Martha seemed to be the main burden carried, Jim begins to realize that the feelings are not mutual, thus making it easier to accept his duty and lead his platoon and say "Carry on" (378).Jim's obsession with Martha is stated in several incidents throughout the work. "More than anything, he

"The Things They Carried"

2145 words - 9 pages Tran PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 7 Huy TranProfessor SantilloENG1102-25124 April, 2014Themes Analysis in "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien."The Things They Carried", written by Tim O'Brien and first published in 1990, is rated one of the best literary work about the Vietnam War. Stretching across the story are Tim's memories about Vietnam and some real events that he and his platoon mates experienced. Jimmy Cross, Rat Kiley, Ted Lavender, Henry

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The Thing They Carried Essay

998 words - 4 pages The novel The Thing They Carried is a compilation of short stories that share underlying themes and characters. One of the stories is called “How to tell a True War Story”. In this story the narrator expands on a central theme of the distinction between truth and fiction when writing a war story. The story, like most of the other stories in the novel jumps erratically between events, which oftentimes creates confusion and a sense of the surreal

The Thing They Carried By Tim O'brien Essay

768 words - 4 pages for the death of an innocent men because he was mainly centered on Martha. In conclusion, the responsibility of Lieutenant Jimmy Cross regarding the sadly death of Ted Lavender was immense. He caused the death on an innocent men who was under his responsibility. He did not took the necessary steps to ensure the security of his men because he was obsessed with a platonic love. In addition, the short story “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien was interesting because of how detailed and descriptive is. Works Cited The Thing They Carried By Tim O'Brien

Theme Analysis: "One 16 Oz. Analysis One More Thing To Carry" An Essay On Tim O'brien's "The Things They Carried."

906 words - 4 pages NOTE: Parenthetical Citation is used. Selection came from an anthology, thus making the page numbers irrelevant. Please modify page numbers to coincide with your text.Tim O'Brien's "The Things They Carried" presents the central idea that amongstsociety, it is normal to react to atypical situations in an atypical way. Jimmy Cross, O'Brien's protagonist, was developed to exemplify this atypical reaction. Cross allows the reader to believe and

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1581 words - 6 pages burden placed upon them. Each of the men in the story coped differently and each of them grieved differently. Some of the men carried the same burdens while others eluded major emotional burdens. They all carried each thing differently. Some had stronger suites while others struggled. Regardless of the limitations evident in Open House, Seager pointed out that "most of the reviews were good and those that contained adverse criticisms tacitly