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Finishing Concrete Essay

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Finishing Concrete The process of finishing concrete is a fairly complex procedure in that several steps are needed. The first step is mixing, which contributes to the whole foundation of good concrete. The ingredients in concrete are water, cement, Portland cement and aggregate or gravel. The concrete is usually mixed at a mixing plant prior to delivery to job site, unless a small amount is to be desired then you can mix it yourself. From the plant the concrete is carried to the site in a mixing truck where it is churned approximately eighty times prior to placement at the site.The forms are usually wood or steel and should be built strong enough to hold the amount of concrete to be poured. The placement of the concrete is critical because if not properly poured, segregation can occur. Segregation is the separation of the cement from the other ingredients such as the aggregate. After pouring workers with shovels move the concrete around to achieve a level surface. Then they use tools like giant levels to accomplish a more accurate and level surface. Floating is the process of leveling off the concrete and getting rid of excess moisture trapped in the concrete. When floating is done, workers on special boards smooth out the surface even further with edging and troweling. Several slab finishes can be accomplished with the proper technique. The first is called exposed aggregate and is done by simultaneously brushing and spraying the surface with water. The second is called dry shake and produces any number of colors or textures. Throwing a dry powder mix on the surface after it...

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