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Finland: The World´S Best Education System

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Education differs from one country to another because every country possesses its own system of education. However, it is commonly believed that Finland has the world’s best education system (Gamerman,2008). So, its education system differs in many ways from the other countries like the one in Germany. The Finnish education system consists of basic education, upper secondary and higher education (Vossensteyn,2008) whereas German education system consists of primary education, secondary education and tertiary education(Lohmar,2012). Even Though , 9-year schooling is compulsory in both countries, they differ in the types of schools, duration of the education and so on. In this ...view middle of the document...

He indicated that there are sixteen states in Germany and sixteen educational systems. So, each state determines its education system and policy thus education differ from state to state. (Kübler, Dorothea, 2011)

Primary education
Although there are some similarities between the Finish and German education system, their systems are quite different from each other. For instance, in Finland, compulsory schooling begins with nine-year general education , called comprehensive school. It covers both elementary and lower secondary level.(Vossensteyn, 2008). In Germany, the compulsory schooling also begins with primary education , called Grundschule which lasts for four years.(Lohmar,2012). In Finland,the basic education is free for everyone and families do not charge for neither text-books fees nor transportation fees (Kupianien,Hutamaki, Kajalainen,2008). Similarly, in German public schools are free for everyone and families do not charge for any tuition fees (Lohmar,2012). However, the primary schooling is quite different in Finland and Germany. In Finland, the students attend the primary school at the age of seven. (Moore, 2008). In contrast, in Germany, the children attend the primary school when they turn six years old.(Pischke,Watcher,2006). In Finland primary school consists of 6 grades. On the contrary, in Germany, the primary school encompasses 4 grades but some of the states like, Berlin and Brandenburg also includes the grades 5,6 (Lohmar,2012). In Finland, 4 is the lowest grade and 10 is the best grade. (Siurua,2002). Conversely, 1 is the best grade and 6 is the lowest one in Germany.
In Finland, the students begin to learn a foreign language in grade 3. French, German and Russian are also offered them as a first foreign language rather than English. (Korhonen,2006). Likewise, in Germany, the students are offered a foreign language (Englis or French) in grades 3 and 4, but in some states, they simply begin to learn a foreign language in grade 1 (Lohmar,2012). In Germany, the students are not required any examination after the primary education and they are not assigned a school-leaving certificate.The students get a report at the end of the primary school (Lohmar,2012). On the other hand, in Finland students are assigned a school-leaving certificate. Although it’s not an actual certificate, it entitles students for upper secondary schooling. (Vossensteyn,2008)

Secondary education
In Finland, at the end of the primary school, the students contuniue lower secondary education under the basic education (Siurua,2002). After...

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