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Fire And Ice A Poem By Robert Frost

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In Robert Frost’s poem “Fire and Ice”, it presents an all out debate about the end of the world. It is clear that, through the title, the poem demonstrates the distinctions in which the world will either be engulfed in flames or covered in ice but the idea of the “lost paradise” is interpreted in a different manner. Frost’s poem is described as humorous or sardonic but there is a bit of irony in the speaker’s tone (230). Frost’s use of “natural lyrics provide a comparison with the outer scene and the psyche” (230). This meaning that the poem describes some of the general idea of hell through either fire or ice, but also presents it with the ironic undertones associated with them such as ...view middle of the document...

For instance, the speaker says “From what I’ve tasted of desire/ I hold with those who favor fire./But if it had to perish twice,/ I think I know enough of hate” (Frost 245). Desire is compared to fire in this instance and therefore the reader associates hate with ice. Both can be said to lead to the downfall of the individual. From the tone of the poem, the reader assumes that the speaker has experienced something that he felt passionate about and desired most, but the narrator makes a note that both will eventually end in fire when he states “[b]ut if it had to perish twice” (245). Thus it could be assumed that he was scorned and felt the loss of his ambitions and his desires.
In contrast to this, the tonality drifts and changes to the point where the speaker states that he knows enough of hate, which is contrasted to ice. Frost’s use of ice imagery could be a play on the “cold-shoulder” phrase. Much like the idea of the passion and desire imagery associated with fire, ice is depicted as cold and unforgiving in the poem. It also plays on the fact that hatred will eventually lead to one’s own downfall much like desire and...

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