Fire And Water The Catestrophical Adventure

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Then suddenly he started to fall towards earth and the closer that he got to earth he started to take form of a normal human, when he landed he was fully human in New York City. He starts roaming around looking for someone, someone who he needs dead. Talon is at New York with his mom for a business trip for trying out for Intel. He is in collage right now but he thinks that he can go there because he is at the top of his class. He was worried that He would come for him and his mom at any time so he had to be prepared. Obviously he couldn’t have any weapons at college or he would be arrested so he brought a fork. He started to go to the graduation party and then he bumped into someone who starts saying something weird in a different language: ضرب و ضرب و شتم شما و مامان یو و شما را بکشند. Talon grabs his mom and runs toward his car and turns it on. He drove as fast as he could to get away. He had to remain calm, so his mom would not panic, although, from the looks of her in the passenger seat he could tell that she was starting to have a panic attack. He knew that the guy would stop at nothing to kill them so he went to the only person he knew that could help him. When he got to the guys house and walked up to the door. He knocked on the door and it opened, he walked inside and he was dead. There is a note by the table next to him and this is what it said:
آه من شما را شکار کردن و پیدا کردن شما و خانواده تان، شما و مادر خود را, شما, و هنگامی که من به شما پیدا کنید من به شما شطرنج فاب – کشتن

He had no idea what this weird language was or how to pronounce it but he thought it meant something like I will get you and your mom or something like that. His mom made a weird sound and ran to the bathroom and started to puke. Once you leave you see in the mirror behind you that three black cars pull up to the house. You slow your car down but don’t stop it and you see that guards with flamethrowers start to burn down the house. You stop the...

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