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Fire Arms On Campus: Ban For Less Violence, Or Legalize In Sense Of Protection?

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Due to the current mayhem of sudden violence on campuses, many pro-gun activists have agreed that, not only professors, but students also should be allowed to carry guns on campuses. The Bill of Rights states that American people have the right to bear arms. That should be sacred to the people of America instead of infringed or taken away. But what cost comes to those who have committed violent crimes or have been suicidal? According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, in 2010 6,300 out of 100,000 people were harmed due to self-inflicted injury with firearms. That leaves roughly 93, 700 people that did not use guns for self harm (5). The articles also say that 16,000 out of 100,000 were used for homicide in the year of 2012 (83). College students should be allowed to feel safe and protected, but only after being given a large number of tests.
College students and staff should have the sense of safety that any other perpetrator has that has instigated in a school shooting. Imagine how safe the school shooters feel when being the one and only person in the entire building who has a gun. The mental state that the school shooter has is clearly not stable. Which brings the argument to this: When allowing concealed carry, why not do a number of back-ground tests, mental tests, and a long process in order to obtain a concealed carry license? Some of these things are already done to people who actually take the concealed carry test, but if a student wants to carry a gun on campus, the student must work for it. Concealed-carry shouldn’t be easy to obtain, but it should be offered at least.
A number of anti-gun advocates have based many of their opinions on pure fear. After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, President of the College of Coastal Georgia Valerie Hepburn says that, “Weapons have no place on college campuses, or any other school” (Wiley par. 1). Hepburn also says “the reaction to the Newtown shooting rampage should not to be arm everyone” (Wiley par. 7). According to Wiley, the State Senate of Georgia, William Ligon says that the opposition claims that many students on college campuses are not mature or experienced enough to be trusted with firearms on campus (par. 12).
It is understandable that weapons should not be placed on college campuses. It is understandable that weapons shouldn’t be in the hand of a student when knowing the stereotypes of the typical college student. Records from 2007 to 2010 state that 121, 084 people died due to gun related violence (Correlation par. 7). It is completely understandable that some college students may not be mature enough to handle a firearm, but all the advocates are so busy putting a hold on the rights that American’s so possess because of a school shooting where the shooter was the only one who had the gun. Allowing guns may result in more violence, but everyone who is scared of guns, doesn’t see the pros to allowing students and staff...

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