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Almost all the trees in a 60 mile radius have died. The more trees that die, the more people that die. So it seems. My sister is very sickly and I know I have to do something but I don’t know what. My dad hasn’t been to work for days so we have little food now. Now that the sun is gone none our crops have grown well enough to eat. Only one thing that I know for sure is that whatever happens, Jamal and Crawford have our back. They’re our protection and nothing can happen to them because of their amazing defense system.
I have learned how to use them quite well. That’s the only reason why my friends let me lead the gang. Our gang has one goal, and that goal is finding oxygen for our families. Because there is no sun it is very hard to see. For now the only light that I have are the built in L.E.D lights that are built into the camels and the lantern my mother gave to me when I left the gir to see the gang. I left the gang to find some more people around that can help us. I have found no other sign of life other than me and the gang for the past few miles. So I’ll head back home to my sister to check on her.
I was gone for so long, that my sister ran out of oxygen and died. I was hoping to come home to play with her, to make her not feel sad anymore. Now I can do nothing with her ever again. With the sun gone, oxygen is running out quickly. My parents tell me that she died minutes after I left. The whole point of my gang is to find as much oxygen left in the world, and to bring it to our families. We use large air tight canisters to trap the oxygen in. I am thinking I should tell my parents about my gang. They would be so mad. They would never let me leave the gir ever again. They would never let me use Jamal or Crawford and just take care of them their selves.
They would make sure none of my friends came anywhere near the gir. Worst of all, they would be oh so very disappointed in me. The last thing I want to lose is my parents trust in me. Along with my parents themselves. I love my family to much for anything else to happen to them. I can’t let them meet the gang and I can’t let them know about them. My main priority is to find oxygen for my friends and family. Tomorrow I’ll head out with the gang and we’ll try finding enough oxygen for all our families.
Before I left I noticed that my mother was looking very sick as well. Her eyes were red and she had some trouble just walking. I also noticed that she was breathing hard, I knew it. My mother is running out of oxygen. I wonder how long it will take for me to run out. I know one thing; I’m not dying until there is nothing else left for me on this planet. That would be the planet itself. I just left to search for more oxygen with the gang.
We broke up into 4 parts. There are 12 of us so we need to have only groups of 3 if we’re going to split up evenly. No matter how many of us there are, we all must work the same amount. Even though I used sign language which most of them understand (if they...

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