Fire, Knowlege And Progresses Relationship Essay

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In the world, there are a mix of successful countries and unsuccessful countries. However, the distinction between the two depends on the point of view. Primarily, it depends on what one calls success. Success is the progress the country has made. Progress is a mix of several things, however. It is how the people have gotten happier. How they have gotten wealthier. How the people have been educated and the jobs they are in compared to before. It is how the society has changed. When people look at the unsuccessful countries that have not progressed, they look to find the reason. Many times they find the wrong reason. They blame it on little side reasons that while being part of the problem are not the entire cause. Most of the times, the true reason is ignorance and a lack of quality knowledge. If not for being misinformed, many countries would be able to change. The people who have been kept in the dark could rebel. The true statistics and issues would be revealed and be fixed because people know what they are. The dystopia Bradbury creates in Fahrenheit 451 is no different. They have been kept ignorant of the issues and therefore have no idea how to fix it. This book shows the importance of how knowledge is intertwined with progress and how with one stray fire; it could all be torn down. Bradbury uses fire as a symbol of destructive entertainment to emphasize the connection between knowledge and progress.
In Fahrenheit 451, fire is constantly lurking nearby, ready to destroy and entertain. As Montag points out, “The world was full of burning of all types and sizes.”(141). Yet, though fire could be used for good, they put it to the bad use of destructive entertainment. Their false happiness depends on this. They must watch and always try to make a bigger show. During one of his rare moments of thought, Montag thinks, “Never by day. Is it because fire is prettier at night?” (39). This demonstrates how fire is thought of as just a “pretty blaze” by the people in this society (87). This also shows the extent of their ignorance and laziness because rather than examining fire and going deeper into it, they only look at the cosmetic appearance. They are addicted to fire and entertainment and it is considered necessary for life. Whenever the firemen come to burn, the people are there; ready to watch this “circus” and then leave once the fun is over (117). The people cannot resist this and lead themselves into the destruction. When Millie and her friends come over, their idea of a good time is to walk into “the volcano’s mouth” (93). The parlor is like a volcano and they chose to go into it letting themselves be destroyed by this overflow of people struggling to influence them. The fire in this society is just as potent as the parlor. Fire is used by the society as a source of entertainment, however they do not realize how it is destroying them as well.
The parlor and fire influences the knowledge and information the people are surrounded by. It...

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