Fire Safety Essay

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Fire Safety Essay

     After a recent fire at Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ killed three students who did not respond to what they thought was a false alarm, officials at Oswego State University are being especially careful when it comes to the issue of fire safety. This semester there is a new policy regarding the confiscation of items considered being hazardous. The policy states that any items that are found and have the potential to cause a fire, such as candles, incense, and certain appliances like microwaves, and sandwich makers, will be confiscated and not returned to the students they were taken from. Under the old policy students were able to get the items back at the end of the year. Around 200 candles were taken from students in Onondaga Hall alone last year.
     According to the Oswego Fire Department, the dorms are built compartmentalized, which means that if the door to a room in which there is a fire is shut, the fire will be somewhat contained. This procedure will help the fire from spreading rapidly. The doors to all rooms are fire resistant. Although these safety features help increase

students' chances of survival in the case of a tragedy, they cannot be relied on as the only life-saving precaution. In order to guarantee everyone's safety, students need to be aware of their own roles in regard to fire safety regulations. Smoking, possession of candles, and incense are serious causes of fires and students need to obey the rules.
     Another hazardous practice that most students living in dorm rooms need to pay attention for is plugging several cords into one multi-outlet that allows several cords to be plugged into at once. Modifying this practice will heavily decrease the chances of a fire occurring as a result.
     In the event of a real fire, the most important thing students can do is to keep the exit doors to stairways and escape routes closed. Although many students believe that keeping the doors open will help others escape, is the worst thing they can do, because it helps the fire spread where if you close the fire-resistant door will help contain it.
     In 1998 there five occurrences in which a student pulled the fire alarm as a prank. Students should turn in anyone who, to their knowledge, has pulled a false alarm. These people, are endangering the lives of everyone they live with. Although some students tend to sleep through alarms involuntarily. For the students who purposely ignore

them, it is not the job of their resident advisors to check the rooms for those left inside. For students who are either hearing impaired or heavy sleepers there are strobe lights available for their alarms.
     Residence Hall Fire Safety is a serious issue because of the population and potential for injury and loss that could occur as a result of a fire. In Oswego...

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