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Fire Wrks In March Essay

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Frank R. DanielProfessor GrantENG 1210February 18, 2014Our Family Vacation, the Sounds of Fireworks in MarchIt was late March and our bags were packed with a bang! Every year my family plans a vacation in Traverse City, Michigan at a little cabin we rent around the rise and fall of tax season. Unfortunately last year's vacation had to revolve more on the down fall of our economy rather than the rise. Thankfully, I have been blessed with a loving family that believes in values and meaning, rather than the happiness revolving around money. Cheryl, my better half and I, decided that our two most prized possessions Tyler and Hunter finally had come of age to be included in making family decisions! So we left it up to them to start making life's major decisions and let them coordinate our vacation. The young men's ideas on the vacation would include bringing their two closest friends Cameron and Matt, they too were included in helping make the decision! Matt, the pyromaniac of the young bunch fortunately had some fireworks left over from the year prior do to the inner city laws. Fortunately, everyone in our family loved the exhilarating sights and sounds that fireworks threw off, so, we all came to an agreement and decided that fireworks would be the center of our entertainment for the vacation!Finally the day arrived to start packing our bags; carefully and strategically the kids and I maneuvered our precious cargo around to make everything fit for a safe and comfortable long trip up north. As we traveled down the never ending road towards our destination we collectively choose and sang along to songs that played on the radio. Nearing the end of our long journey I could hear and feel the children's eagerness as they described amongst their selves how they were going to detonate the fireworks upon arrival.Slowly I leaned over I whispered into Cheryl's ear and said, "Hun, too bad Anchor Bay Schools didn't offer a course in pyrotechnics!"Cheryl laughed, "Frank, that's not the nuclear physics degree I had hoped they would pursue in school and then on to college!" Continuing around the last corner approaching the driveway of the cabin there was dead silence within the van.Suddenly a scream came from the back seat, "I call firsts and I am blowing the first one's up," shrieked Matt. Cheryl couldn't stop the van fast enough as the young eager pyro's lunged at the door handles fighting their way from the seatbelt restraints that once protected them!Slowly Cheryl and I also removed ourselves from our own protective cockpit restraints laughing amongst ourselves at the back seat enthusiasm. Just as I looked over, I caught a glimpse of her sparkling smile and I could feel myself melting inside; I then reached over and calmly caressed her beautiful soft face and told her that I loved her!" I love you to babe, but it's not bed time just yet, we have a lot of unpacking to do and we still have to make sure they turned the power and water on for the cabin!" she...

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