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Firearms And Their Consequences Essay

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Is the convenience of others worth the life of a single innocent? The answer of this question should spark such a reaction that it would make it impossible to remain neutral. And as such the world should ask the land that claims to be home of the brave; being the United States of America, what it’s stance is on gun control. Because the land of opportunity can no longer say yes to unrestricted gun sales and no the safety of its innocents; or should only the gun owners dictate the laws in the land of opportunity. America needs to enforce gun restrictions to save the lives of innocent people. To long has it allowed its own civilians to dictate the worth of the life of an innocent. Should the ...view middle of the document...

And afterwards he committed suicide and could not be punished for his actions. In that event the person got away with the butchery of six other people without any penalty. Of course this was still not enough reason for Americans to believe in a gun control law. Nonetheless, the most terrible numbers have not yet been mentioned. The reader may presume that the word innocent is thrown to loosely in this reading but it the number twenty that innocents cannot due justice to. Because it was twenty the number of elementary school children slaughtered in the sanctity of a place dedicated to promote education. Even in times of the inquisitions when gypsies were persecuted they could be safe if they got to a sanctuary. But these children who were sons and daughter, brothers and sisters to other people were in a sanctuary. A place deemed by the state to be an environment to learn nurture the love of learning things that they would need in the future. But they had no intention to be murdered in a school, no intentions to end their careers along with six other adults just because someone had access to a gun. And he too left this world without the reserved punishment. But of course some believe that this is still not enough reason for gun restrictions to be placed in order. For those individuals there are more statics to consider.
In the last twenty years there has been a decline in homicide rates in the last twenty years. Some pro gun activist say that this is in direct relationship to the fact that the number of guns owned in the United States as gone up from 200 million to 300 million in those same twenty years. Although this may in an unrelated way be true, the truth of the matter actually disarms the theory that more guns make for a safer places. To put the first statistic in different words, the fact that homicide rates have gone down is not by some fluke but by the fact that in the seventies half of the households in the country owned firearms. And as of 2006 the figure is closer to a third and still declining; so how is it possible that less people own firearms and the number of total firearms as grown? To point of the obvious, the people who actually own firearms are buying a lot more that only one. Granted that American are free to do as they will but we see that the ease of access to firearms leads to casualties, the most logical notion would be that they would be in favor of some restrictions correct? In reality the opposite is true, after the massacre in sandy hook elementary there was an increase in the purchasing of firearms believe to be due to expectations of restrictions on firearms. In other words people who own gun bought more guns because they were expecting a revised gun control law due to a massacre that was cause by a person who bought a firearm, truly perplexing. In effect, the homicide rate in the United States is at an all time low, in fact as of 2011 it was close to 4.7 percent. All thing considered should this nation be satisfied...

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