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the forming of; episode '85 - '91Guns and roses was founded in 1985 by Izzy Stradlin, Tracii Guns, Rob Gardener and W. Axl Rose. Before the group got this name it had several other names before. Like L.A.Guns and Axl. In that time Duff Mckagan, Steven Adler and Slash were playing in another band called roadcrew. After a while Duff left the group and responded to an advertising of Axl Rose for a job in the band. When Rob and Tracii didn't show up right before a show, Duff decided to get his former band-mates Slash and Steven involved. From 1985 till 1991 the formation of the band was Axl Rose, Slash, Steven Adler, Duff Mckagan and Izzy Stradlin.How to get a recording contract; Appetite for destructionThe band-members really lived like animals in the year 1985. They possessed an old barn in West Hollywood called the Hell-House. Their first concert was in the troubadour Club and went really bad. They started as opening-act en slowly began to rise as real act. Label people began to make appointments with the band and after many lunches they signed for 75.000 dollar with Geffen-Records.Their first work was an EP; called Live?!*@ like a suicide and contained two numbers written by themselves and two covers. Mama kin from Aerosmith and Nice boys (don't play rock and roll) from Rose Tattoo. The EP was heavily criticised because the swearing. The first song began with a drunk roadie screaming: "Hey fuckers! Suck on guns n' fuckin' roses". At the begin of Mama kin Axl says: "This is a song 'bout your fucking mother".On July 31 1987 Geffen distributed the first real work of the gunners called Appetite for destruction. The album was a combination of real quick punk and heavy metal. The songs gave an accurate vision of how the band thought about live in that days, sex, drugs and rock and roll, not always in that line by the way. Not every song was even well performed. The timing of out to get me and nightrain weren't really precise. The songs Paradise City and sweet child o' mine proved that the band really showed possibilities for the future. The band actually hoped on a maximal sell rating of 200.000 pieces. The number of 17 million was something nobody expected. The cover of the album caused a river of complains and was ultimately forbidden. Original the cover was a picture of the American fantasy-painter Robert Williams and was a remake of a painting of a naked woman with naked breast. Later a homemade artpiece of Axl was used. A cross with in each corners the skulls of the band-members.At the beginning of autumn 1987 the band began with the Appetite for destruction tour. They played as the supporting programme of the Cult, later with Aerosmith. In October that year the gunners went to England for 5 shows. The shows had mixed effects. The first show in the Rock city, Nottingham, was a great success except for the moment the fans tried to pull over the bus in which the members travelled. The second show in Hammersmith Odeon ended as a disaster. The fans...

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