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This is a summary of an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) agreement between the Mrs. A. Fired and Large Hospital. The dispute to be resolved is as follows: Mrs. Fired, sterile processing technician (SPT), contends that Large Hospital terminated their relationship without just cause. Large Hospital contends that Mrs. Fired was not able to competently fulfill the responsibilities of the position she held while employed. Large Hospital also contends that because of Mrs. Fired's inability to function appropriately there was a delay in treatment for a critically ill child.On February 15, 2006, the parties agreed to engage in an ADR process. Discussions ensued between the principals in each party to determine the final outcome. The Georgia Department of Labor agreed to serve as principals for the ADR. The GDL typically use position-based negotiations to assist the parties in settling disputes. This technique involves an informal presentation by the parties to a neutral with respected credentials for an oral or written evaluation of the parties' positions ((Reed, et. al., 2005). Mr. Jones and Miss Smith were the representatives for the Georgia Department of Labor (GDL) that would mediate the proceedings.Mrs. Long, Chief Nursing Officer, for Large Hospital presented copies of records and information, including the documentation that led to Mrs. Fired's termination as evidence of the inability of Mrs. Fired to function in the capacity she was hired to perform. The documentation demonstrated several key errors that led to surgical delays, exposure to hazardous materials, and a delay in resuscitative activities for a critically ill child. The last documentation showed that Mrs. Fired dispensed a Code Cart for use during a cardiac arrest to the pediatric unit of the hospital. She signed documents stating that the contents of the cart were as listed. When the cart was opened for use, the clinical staff found the cart to be empty. Although another cart was obtained, the empty cart delayed life-saving measures for the patient, leading to her death.Mrs. Fired countered that she did in fact dispense the cart to the pediatric unit. She contended that the cart dispensed had everything needed to care for a patient in cardiac arrest. She did not know why the cart was completely empty when...

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