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Firefighting Fire fighting is an extremely important job. It saves many lives and property. "Fire fighters have the responsibility of protecting life and property from the hazzerd of fire."(Hopke 242) Fire fighters also go on emergency calls such as heart attacks, respiratory problems,any other medical problems, or just to help save stuck or trapped animals. If an individual is considering going into fire fighting they should find out all they can about it. They would need to find out especially about the nature of the work, training requirements, the salaries and benefits,and the overall employment outlook. A career in fire fighting could be dangerous and exciting as well as rewarding; fire fighters are needed to save lives and property.In fire fighting the nature of work varies depending on the size of the department and city. Some jobs a person could have would be hose handler, ladder handler, truck driver, inspector, or tiller handler who drives the back end of a long truck. Fire fighters will fight different sizes of fires. Sometimes they fight big burning buildings or little grass fires. Since there is such a great amount of heat put off from a fire, fire fighters wear protective clothing. During a fire there could be confusion. so fire fighters are organized and put to differnt duties. These fire fighters are supervised by fire captians , battalion chiefs, or the fire chief. When a fire is out some fire fighters wait arround to make sure that it is completely out. There are fire investigation lieutenants, or fire marshals that try to figure out what started the fire and where. These people can arrest an arsonist or talk in court according to what they find out. Besides fighting fires, fire fighters go on medical and emergency calls. Fire inspectors are people who inspect buildings to make sure they are not hazardous. Fire fighters have to keep all of their equipment in top order in case of emergency.There are many training requirements for fire fighting. A person going into fire fighting needs to be 18 years of age or older ands to have at least a high school diploma. "Applicants for municipal fire fighting jobs may have to pass a written test; tests of strength, physical stamina, coordination and agility; and a medical examination-including screens for drug use"(Caeers297). Some large departments have on the job training classes or courses for new fire fighters. These courses teach them how to use equipment and study fire fighting techniques (Snelling Sr and Snelling 112) . Some personal qualities fire fighters need would be courage, mental alertness, endurence, mechanical aptitude, and a sense of public service. Fire fighters also need to work well with others well because they are always in groups with other fire fighters(Jist 278) . Being a fire fighter someone would need to take orders well because in emergency situations it could be very important(Hopke 244) . In fire fighting fire fighters also take medical classes. A fire fighter...

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