First Ten Minutes Of Blair Witch Project And What Lies Beneath

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First Ten Minutes of Blair Witch Project and What Lies Beneath

The director of "Blair Witch Project" has a very unusual way of
engaging his audience in the first ten minutes. His main characters
are 16-18 year old high-school students and they are making a
documentary for a school project which supposedly did actually take
place. The students are shown laughing about and having a good time.
By showing them looking happy, the director strongly creates the
impression that they are almost setting themselves up for something
unexpected to happen to them. The way he does this is very effective,
and makes you ask the question "what exactly is going to happen?" As
well as the group messing about and shopping for their camping
supplies,(for the trip to the woods where the main part of the
documentary takes place) there is a cross cut to an eerie graveyard,
the main presenter of the documentary is stood in the middle of it,
she explains a story about how people died near the graveyard, but is
not very graphic about it. I think the director put this short scene
into the opening was to strengthen the viewer's impression that the
documentary really did take place.

The director of "What Lies Beneath" uses a more usual way to engage
his audience in the opening 10 minutes, most of the focus is on the
main character, and she is acting very strangely; at the very start of
the film, it shows her face underwater, then the camera zooms out and
you see her sit up in the bath with a start, like one would if they
awoke from a nightmare. You just think "strange". However, if u watch
very closely, for just a split-second before it shows her face
underwater, you can see a shot of her looking almost dead, the water
in this split-second is a very cold blue/grey, providing you don't
miss subtlety, the director has left you asking questions in the first
ten seconds of his film. Following this, she gets out of the bath and
goes to stand in front of the mirror, but it is too steamed up to see
anything, so she pulls out the hairdryer and begins to blow it over
the mirror in very, very slow circular motions. She has an almost
unconscious look on her face while she does this, you can tell at this
point that she is not an average young American woman!

Both of the films rely upon very...

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