First Account Letters´Insight Into Past Wars

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Did you know that warfare has changed a lot from 1770’s to the present. One way to show this is through letters at that time or website information online. Letters give you that first hand accounts from soldiers while websites give the summary of what happened. So in the next paragraphs I will show reasons how letters and website biographies relate to warfare in 18th century and the 19th century. They show what was different back then at that time.

The first example is a letter from Ulysses Grant. Grant was a commander in the Civil War. Grant wrote a letter to his father during the Siege of Vicksburg. In the letter Grant is saying that he busy keeping Vicksburg surrounded so the ...view middle of the document...

This resource supports my argument by showing a type of warfare, surprise attacks. This allowed Allen and his men to attack the British when they were least expecting it. They were caught off guard and surrendered.
In this next example is a other website about the battle of Shiloh. On the morning of April 6, 1862, 40,000 Confederate soldiers under the command of Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston poured out of the nearby woods and attacked a line of unprepared Union soldiers. The surprised soldiers retreated from their camps. The Confederate Army threatened to overpower Grants entire command. But some dtermined Union soldiers made a battle line in a sunken road. This was known as “The Hornets Nest.” This idea did not work. The soldiers were either killed, wounded or captured. The Confederate’s Gen. Johnston was mortally wounded and was replaced by P.G.T. Beauregard. Grant had called for reinforcement and was given 40,000 men. This overwhelmed the weak and tired 30,000 men of the Confederate Army. GRant’s army won the battle that had become the bloodiest battle of it’s time. There was 23,000 deaths. This works with my argument by showing how reinforcement can change the outcome of a battle. If you don’t have backup, then you could lose many battle and win very few of them. Also setting up a final stand attack point can help weaken your opponent.

This time the resource come from a newspaper from the Revolutionary War. This is the Battle of Yorktown. So, here it is. The Americans and French armies both converged on Chesapeake Bay on wanted to pin Cornwallis in Virginia. They raced there to Yorktown to reach him. They cornered the British who were looking for relief that...

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