First Aid For Adults Essay

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First Aid for Adults

For my listening piece I decided to do a talk on first aid for adults.
I identified the main characteristics of scripted speech and tried to
emulate them in my piece. The key characteristics of instructional
speech are that it uses very short, concise sentences to give
directions. Long complex sentences can lead to ambiguity and
confusion. Instructional speech uses simple, easy to understand
vocabulary as complicated wording, jargon and terminology make
instructions difficult to understand and may confuse the listener. The
points must also be presented in a logical order to make them easy to

The audience should be addressed directly, using a fairly personal,
friendly tone. There should be directives, for example, 'You should…',
'Fill…', 'Place…' 'Make sure…'. In addition, there should be cohesive
devices to make the instructions clear and logical. For example
'firstly', 'secondly', 'next', 'finally', 'following this', 'once you
have done this.' Also, having something relevant to look at while
listening helps concentration and promotes active learning.

After analysing my first draft I decided that some of the sentences
were too long and contained too much information. In order to comply
with the rules of instructional writing, I needed to shorten the
sentences so that the information was broken down in to smaller chunks
to make it easier for the audience to follow. So I decided to change
the graphology of the piece by using bullet points for the points in
the opening paragraph of the speech so that it shows in a better way
that the reader will pause between them. In my second draft, however,
I decided to also have the points on an overhead projector slide so
that the audience could read them as well and understand them better.
In my third and fourth drafts, I put the information into even smaller
blocks to emphasise the succinct style of writing because I felt that
it was still too difficult to follow; so I used more bullet points and
used capitals, underlining and italics to emphasise key words and
phrases. Also in the graphology of the piece I have used dashes in
order to more effectively show where the reader would give a slight
pause. An example is in 'a hundred compressions a minute - just under
two a second'.

In the third paragraph in particular, the sentences were too complex
so having originally...

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