First And Foremost As Members Of Body Of Christ

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We, as people living in the 21st century should not be too quick to judge or condemn our ancestors who lived and participated in the Crusades because we need to remember that we will also be judged and condemned by God; we are not the perfect generation and no generation was, is, and will be. We cannot fully understand the struggles that our ancestors have faced as they saw their fellow Christians lose their world, culture, and lifestyle. Although the crusaders may have thought logically and realistically about the barbarians taking over their land and of course their response was to defend, they lost their appeal when Christians began to no longer identify themselves first and foremost as ...view middle of the document...

Because war is war, whether it is called a “Holy War” or a “Just War”, nothing was holy or just about this war. It was created by people against people, ruined economies and environment, and humanity was abandoned.
Out of many statements Urban II makes to his people, there are three major arguments that he claims; firstly, he describes Muslims as people who are evil and “enslaved by demons”, secondly, he makes people believe that God is commanding them to fight the Muslims and thirdly, he convinces people that if they go fight the Muslims, they will be forgiven and saved. It is important to remember that God created every single one of our ancestors. Every single human being is God’s child no matter what their religion was. Some people choose to not follow Christ but that does not mean they should be hated or killed. He portrays Muslims as people who will be punished because they have stolen the land from the Christians: “How severely punished will be he who steals from another, if he is infernally damned for not being generous with his own possessions” (396A). Furthermore, because Muslims are not Christians, he describes them as a “race so despicable, degenerate and enslaved by demons” (397A). However, it is important to recognize that religion does not and cannot determine if one is despicable and degenerate. The reason for this is because there are Christians who are awful, wretched, and corrupt as there are other religious people who are worthy, virtuous, and honorable. Urban II states many negative and false accusations about the Muslims to make Christians dislike them and have the urge to fight them. Secondly, he uses the name of God to convince his people to go to war. He proclaims that if they “truly wish to be the friends of God then gladly do what [they] know is pleasing to Him” (395B). Going to war does not determine if one can be God’s friend or not. If one’s a firm believer of Christ, he or she is already an irreplaceable friend of God. Whether or not one decides to fight in this war, God still loves them and still cares for them. He continues on to use the name of God in his concern: “an urgent task which belongs to both you and God, in which you can show the strength of your good will” (396B). How did Urban II know God’s task? Only God knows His own task. But more importantly, how did he know that the urgent task was to go to war? Furthermore, he declares that “wherefore with earnest prayer I, not I, but God exhorts you as heralds of Christ to repeatedly urge men of all ranks whatsoever…to exterminate this vile race from our lands and to aid the Christian inhabitants in time” (397A). Again, he uses God and Christ to emphasize that it is not only his suggestion to fight the Muslim but also that is what God wants: “I address those present; I proclaim it to those absent; moreover Christ commands it” (397A). Lastly, he tricks naïve Christians into believing that if they go to war, they will be free of sin and that they will be saved....

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