First Apartment Essentials Furnishing Your Home From Scratch

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Moving into your first apartment marks a big transition in your life. It is a giant step towards independence and self-reliance, irrespective of whether you are moving into the apartment alone or with house-mates. It is, undoubtedly, a very exciting phase in your life. And setting up your apartment from scratch only adds to that excitement.
Thinking about moving into your own apartment makes you dream about decorating the place, having friends over and enjoying the new degree of freedom. Isn't it? Well, you can move to that part only later. The first step is to furnish the place. And, not knowing where to start and what to buy can be daunting. To save you from the nervousness and frustration, we bring you tips for the essential items you need to set up your very own first apartment and equip it to run smoothly and functionally.
Furniture – A bed, a couch or sofa, a coffee table, a closet, a bookshelf, a writing or office table and a shoe-rack are the bare minimum you have to have in your apartment. Consider buying convertible and multifunctional furniture.
Think about buying a futon which can act as a couch as well as an extra bed for the occasional sleepover guests. Most people forego the coffee table initially to cut down costs; but it can be a very wise investment if you put in a little thought. Go for a nice coffee table and a few floor cushions. Place the cushions around the coffee table to turn the setting into a chic dining area; at other times the cushions can be regular seats. Consider buying a big and covered shoe-rack, so that you can use part of it as a storage space for junk items.
Compare the costs of a bedroom set and of the bedroom furniture pieces individually. Sometimes a set works out cheaper and you get a nightstand or dresser as part of the deal without paying anything beyond your budget. Do not ignore the bookshelf and a writing desk. The bookshelf is great...

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