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This writing assignment is based on the review of two articles, “Pope Urban II and the 1st Crusade” by Robert the Monk, and “Muslim Call for Resistance to the Crusaders”. These two documents would provide an insight into the action that prompted the conflict between the Christians in Europe and Muslims of the Seljuk Turks in 1100’s. In the first document “Pope Urban II and the 1st Crusade”, Robert the Monk, based his analysis on the sermon that Pope Urban II used to address the Christians before the Council of Clermont, France in the year 1095. This sermon was to encourage Christians to give up the fight they had among themselves, and pick up arms, in order to wage war against the ...view middle of the document...

The only possible way to carry out his mission, was for Urban to go before the Council of Clermont, where majority of the clerics, nobilities and laymen of the Catholic church assembled, to present an important and mind-bending speech. Through his speech, he was able to recruit between 60,000 and 100,000 of the able-bodied Christians for this conflagration against the Turkish Muslims. This was also called the “Holy War”. Why was such a vast majority of Christians able to positively accept such duty of war? Well according to the author, he explained that the speech comprises of words that vividly described the Muslims as being cruel, violent and inhumane towards Christians in Constantinople. Furthermore, he was able to re-assure them of the forgiveness of their sins, since they were willing to fight for Christ.

Robert the Monk, after 20 years of the council documented the extended version of this speech, underscoring that Urban’s main interest was the gaining back of the holy land. In this extended version, Robert, was able to provide the list of arguments used by Urban to persuade the Christians to embark on the journey of the holy war in the Byzantine empire. For instance, Urban enumerated the gruesome action used by the Muslims against the Christians. Among these horrifying actions was the circumcision of Christians and the use of their blood on the altars or baptismal fonts and “the abominable rape of women”. Nevertheless, while encouraging his listeners to go fight for their fellow brothers in Jerusalem, he acknowledged the fact that majority of them had families and responsibilities that might hinder them from embarking on this mission. However by quoting the gospels, “Everyone that has hath...

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