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Beethoven’s moonlight sonata was gradually becoming audible from a secret speaker of solitude. Then everything seemingly flowed to the slow yet elegant piece as if it were not meant to be in harmony but destined. Waking to classical piano is a subtle and soothing pleasure that radiated throughout his whole body – that moment shattered as he passed the hall corner of his normal two story home…The burgundy coffee mug slipped from his mother’s fingertips falling at a constant rate in unison with every keystroke of the graceful composition. C-Sharp never sounded so shrill until the true final chord of this decelerated memory ended with the shattering of not only the cup but also a mother’s hopes ...view middle of the document...

With survival of the fittest being the new slogan for Americans, it will change the normal course of evolution forever. Every unknowing person outside the medical fields have not found out about it until now, one month after the initial introduction of this new experimental procedure. We as citizens should have suspected something when new laws coming into effect on the first of this year: No more drug charges, exonerations of convicted addicts and dealers, and free government funded rehabilitation facilities to the public”. Kevin remains quiet, perhaps emotionally unaffected as if unaware to the true meaning of the front page title. His mother breaks the silence saying to him, “Don’t you understand what has happened?”. Her voice seemed barely audible if not inexistent as he reread between the lines, he began to fully comprehend the true nature of this awful article. Then something clicked, every aspect of this enigmatic situation became plain as day. When putting the mental puzzle pieces together; his dad recently got a huge raise for being nominated Chicago lands best lawyer, except he has struggled with ADHD since a child. His mother has become more annoying this past month – like overly optimistic – yet she has struggled with depression for the past few years. Then was his twenty year old brother, Lad, it seemed like he has been stoned nonstop since the beginning of January. Not to mention some of Kevin’s friends have been acting odd lately too. The news is right, our own United States government used the entire population as lab rats or rather guinea pigs to test this crazy research project.
That first day back to school was a mad house. Teachers and Deans could not control it; there was at least one third of the student body noticeably under the influence. As Kevin strolls down the halls he begins to see everything in a new light. Not just the kids who everyone knew to be druggies were high, but some of the popular kids, as well as the bullied. Heart wrenching; that is the main feeling Kevin continuously felt. There were no more cliques, you were either a “sobie” or not. Among the school’s faculty there was an aura of confusion being battled by waves of ecstatic energy running through the veins of every student in attendance. Individuals were roaming outside their regular packs to speak to anyone about the news. Then again,” who wouldn’t” thought Kevin. There are no longer drug charges, so the teachers and deans can not complete disciplinary action on the students they oversee. Some individuals suspected this fate already but those were mainly the pot heads who wake-n-baked daily so to speak.
Midway through first period English, the intercom silences the class to a timid voice, we all know to be Mrs. Price “ Excuse me for the interruption, today’s classes as well as extracurricular activities have been canceled due to an emergency meeting with the school faculty. Your busses are already waiting for departure; all students are dismissed...

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