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First European Settlements In The New World

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Colonial Style

As the name suggests, the Colonial Style is reminiscent of the first European settlements in the New World. The colonists fashioned their new homes in the style of their homelands; French, Spanish, Dutch, German. The biggest influences came from the British Isles and became known as the Colonial Georgian style. Over time the Colonial style became a distinct feature of American architecture, with each region interpreting it in it's own way due to the differences in climate and available materials. The Colonial style abandons many of the ornate Old World details, in favor of simple lines, proportions and expert craftmanship.

Modern Colonial

Much like the United States, the ...view middle of the document...

As families grew lean-to additions became popular.


Gambrel (barn-style) roof, sometimes with flared eaves
Matching chimneys, or a wishbone-shaped chimney at the front or side
Dutch batten doors with separately opening halves
Ground level porches
Double-hung sash windows

Dutch doors

The Dutch door is divided horizontally to allow the top half to be opened, without opening the bottom half. The original purpose was to keep animals inside or outside of farmhouse and barns, while still allowing light and ventilation. It was very common in the Low Countries during the XXVII century. The Dutch settlers of New York brought this door style to the New World, where it became one of the defining features of the Dutch Colonial style.

German style

What is now know as the “German Colonial” style, was incorporated in American architecture by settlers from northern European nations. The half-timber style, uses braced timbers filled in with masonry to hoist the house. Like other colonial homes, the German Colonial houses are also rectangular in layout, but almost always asymmetrical. The entrance leads to a kitchen with a rear door, while the rest of the house comprises of a hall, parlor and bed-chambers.


-One and a half stories, two stories are rare
-Thick sandstone walls
-Asymmetrical facades
-Stone arches above windows and doors
-Steep gabled roofs
-Exposed half-timbering
-Centralized wishbone chimneys

Spanish style

The Spanish colonized Florida, California and the American Southwest and their building style became known as the Spanish Colonial. Whitewashed lime mortar, and stucco are used to cover the adobe brick walls. Arched French doors, and wrought iron bars over the windows are used as decorative elements. Interior shutters, balconies, recessed porches and interior courtyards serve to deal with the hot climate. Spanish style features are not used in modern Colonial interpretations, but belong to the Spanish Eclectic home style.


-Low pitch roof with clay tiles
-Stucco covered walls
-Recessed porches and balconies
-Double hung sash windows (later period)
-Small windows
-Wrought iron bars over windows

Doors and the Spanish Colonial

The windows and doors during the early Spanish colonization were open, usually with iron wrought bars instead of wood or glass, for beter ventilation. The two main characteristics being the round or eliptical arch, and intricate iron...

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