First Fists First Encounter To Violence School Essay

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Hussain 1
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Faizan Hussain
Dr. Cherry
ENGL 1301.73012
14 February 2018
My first experience with physical violence or danger.
Violence is never the answer, but sometimes, it becomes unavoidable. I have always thought of myself as a mild-tempered person; always tried to avoid skirmishes. Fighting, in my opinion, is nothing more than a waste of time and energy. Because of this ideology of mine, I was never involved in a physical fight, that is, until the bright sunny morning of 24th of January 2015, when I saw my younger brother, Ahmed, getting beaten up by three guys.
Nothing angers me more than watching my younger brother in pain, which meant that there was no way I was going to let these guys go before paying them back for hurting him. Ahmed and I have always been close. He always brought his problems to me first, even before our parents. That’s why I feel guilty for not taking him seriously when he complained about a group of kids on the block who teased him. The old “ignore them, and they will leave you alone” tactic obviously did not work out, as I witnessed those three guys punching and stomping my brother mercilessly. Overwhelming rage erupts like a volcano over me as I lunged at the assailants. Sizing my potential opponents up, I observed that all three of them were larger in size than my brother. If I were to take a guess, they would be about the same age as me. It was clear I was going to have a hard time. One of them was much taller and muscular than the other two. He would probably provide the most trouble, so I decided to deal with him first. As I reached them, the tall one was the first to become alert of my approach, but he could not react fast enough to dodge the fist that I drove into his face. He fell hard. Taking advantage of the confusion, I grabbed one of the hooligans by the collar and struck him with a headbutt with enough force to send him flying back. I am not much of a fighter, so I assume that it was an adrenaline rush that was allowing me to pull off those forceful strikes. Unfortunately, my momentum quickly broke, as the third one of the group delivered a heavy punch straight to my gut. A sharp pain spread quickly through my upper body. I fell to my knees; my vision began to dimmer, my veins started bulging and it felt like I was about to pass out.
The situation was getting worse. While dealing with the pain, I realized that falling now could lead to further problems for the brother I was trying to protect, as the goons would probably pour their anger on him after having dealt with me. With all the energy I could muster, I got up again and tackled my opponent. A loud thud was heard as his body collided with the ground, and the sharp scream of pain he let out assured me that I would not have to deal with him...

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