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First Grade Elementary: Reading And Listening Class Plan

923 words - 4 pages

Listening and Reading Primary One
1. Predict events using pictures in a children’s narrative.
2. Recognise and read the sound ‘og’ in a children’s narrative.
3. Listen for a sustained period to a children’s narrative.

The teacher gathers the students to come to the front of the classroom and introduces the book.

The teacher and students will first discuss the cover of the book.

The teacher then reveals and read the title, followed by the author and illustrator.
Good morning class, today we will be exploring a new story!
Are you ready?
Looking at the cover, what can you see?
Where have you seen this animal?
What is the animal doing?
What do you think this story is about?
The title is Frog on a log. Why do you think they named the story that?

First Reading:
For each page of the book, the teacher and students will discuss pictures from the book and then the teacher will read the text.
The teacher encourages students to make predictions based on the pictures from the book.
The teacher would stop at the points of the story where predictions were made and using text of the story, the teacher will ask students if the predictions they made were correct.
The teacher may want to take note of some words (bog, log, jog, fog, trot, grinning, foolish, agog) found in the book which might be unfamiliar to some students.
The teacher may choose to pause at these words and check students’ understanding of word. The teacher then guides students to discover the meaning of the word through pictorial cues or clues from text.
Second Reading:
After the first reading, the teacher does a second reading where he/she invites the students to read the story.

Page 2
What can you tell me about this picture?
Where do you think Frog is?
What helps you figure this out?
What do you think will happen next?
Page 3
What can you see in this picture?
What do you think is Frog doing?
How do you think a frog moves? Would you like to demonstrate for the class?
What else do you see in the picture?
What do you think the Frog is going to do next?
Page 4 to 5
Looking at this picture, what do you think Frog is doing?
What helps you figure this out?
What do you think will happen next?
Page 6
What can you see in this picture?
Who do you think this animal is?
What do you think this animal is doing?
What do you think will happen next?
Page 7
What’s going on...

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