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1st Holiday Alumni Gala
December 9, 2016
Project Background and Description
This will be our first annual Alumni Holiday Gala given by the Largo High School’s PTSA. Suggested by our Executive Board members and chaired by our Secretary.
Project Scope
Our Gala entertainment will be our very own Largo High School band and Choir. We will also have a DJ. There will also be a prize of a $25 gift card for the best dancing couple and best dressed couple at the Gala. To capture our memories of this event we will have a professional photographer take pictures. Hors d’oeuvrOrderves will be served along with holiday desserts
Logistics/Equipment Required
This program will be held in the cafeteria
20 tables for guests Comment by Godfrey, Linda D.: How many people fit at one table? 10? Round/Rectangular? Is there a table rental fee? If so, we need to include in the budget.
DJ table and extension cords for equipment
2 Tables for food (1 for hors d’oeuvres, and 1 for dessert)
Stool on stage for comedians/special guest(s)
Decorations: table clothes and shirts for tables
Chaffing stands and pans
Christmas decorations for tables (center pieces—20-40 small ones for guest tables, 2-3 for food); and walls & balloons
Racks to hang coats
Estimated budget of $300. Estimated guest 50, cost of tickets $15 per guest Comment by Godfrey, Linda D.: I thought we discussed a higher price; however, $15 per person is very reasonable and we’ll have more people attend at this cost.
To have a sponsored PTSA event in support of celebrating the holiday with students, parents and staff
CTV-Chanel 70 will video tape this program and the Enquire Gazette newspaper-443-218-8630, Afro, The Prince...

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