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First Musical Essay

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Rent is a musical written by Johnathan Larson based on Puccini’s opera La Bohème. My younger sister and I are huge fans. A few years ago we watched the movie almost every single day for about two months. One day back in December I was driving on interstate and I saw a billboard with an ad about the show. I immediately decided I will go see it with my sister.
The play was staged by a small theatre company in Summerville called the Flowertown Players. We were excited about the show because, even though we have seen the recording of the performance on Broadway, we have never seen it live. As a matter of fact, I have never seen a musical performed live. Ticket prices were relatively low. General ...view middle of the document...

The Flowertown Players’ policy clearly states that people who are late will not be allowed to come in. It also said so in the email they sent me few days before the event. Having read that, I assumed that no one will be allowed to go inside once the show starts. So, right after it began we moved. However, the ushers kept letting people in for about 15 more minutes. Eventually two women showed up and claimed the seats we took, and the usher very rudely told us to move back to our seats. I had no problem with going back because I respected the fact that those women paid for the seats. However, the usher did not have to be rude to us. I acted based on what I was told by the staff and what I have read in the theatre's policy.
Still, that incident did not ruin the experience for us. The Flowertown Players did an amazing job considering the challenges they had to overcome. Like I already mentioned, the theatre is small, and of course so is the stage. That was one of the challenges because the events in Rent take place in many different locations. However, the Players used the space very wisely, and the small stage did not ruin the play. Since I have seen the movie and the recording of the performance on Broadway so many times, at first it was hard for me to accept the new actors and their voices. I did not like some of them at all. Eventually I got used to it though.
The audience was very diverse. Even though there were a lot...

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