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The sun was out like on any other day. Is this day any different from another? That is what I asked myself as I strolled to the bus stop at 6:30 am. As I got on the bus; it seemed like I was the only one up at this hour. Everybody else on the bus was out cold. I really didn't mind the quiet ride to the High School though. As, I walked into the building; everything seemed so different. This was my first day as an eight grader and also my first day as a student of Westbury Middle school. I had just moved from Elmhurst, Queens. I moved only like 20 miles; which is nothing compared to others. Then again, a new unfamiliar place feels all the same. Especially if you move from a majority white neighborhood into a much more diverse neighborhood. Strangely at the time I was accustomed to a white neighborhood; that all was about to change.I glanced at my schedule. The schedule was written in a very different manner as well. It ranged from Day 1 to Day 6. What day is today? I looked around and found a sign posted up stating: "Today is Day 2". I checked my schedule once more. It stated "Period 1--Day 2------Sequential 2, Room 214".This day was already awkward; as it was my first day in a new school. Yet, first period set out to make a pretty high precedent. My first Class was math. Math was fine with me. Math was just a bunch of numbers that I had learned to manipulate to get me the answers over the years. However, my math class was in the high school; since I was two years advanced. So in that class I stuck out like a sore thumb, not only was I the new kid but I was the youngest by at least two years. For this, I felt inferior for some weird reason and basically worked through that period and actually tried to learn at school. Perish the thought of doing that ever again. I was relieved and yet at the same time I had felt at home in a math class.I got on the bus; that was supposed to transport me from Westbury High School to Westbury Middle School. As I walked to open the door to my class; I heard the clattering found in any Middle School class. This seemed to calm me as I felt accustomed to hearing this sound outside a classroom. However, as I turned the knob and stepped into the classroom everything halted to an uncomfortable silence. I was the center of attention. As I walked up to the teacher's desk to give him my schedule; I could hear sporadic whispering....

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1389 words - 6 pages Brontë’s readership through ‘geographical and class location’ (Correa, 2012, pg.366), his character personifies the novels reader. Lockwood’s first person narrative engages in both direct speech and indirect speech to dramatise events as we can see in the short extract below: In the evening, she said, the evening of my visit to the Heights, I knew, as well as if I saw him, that Mr. Heathcliff was about… (Brontë, 1847, pg.137) Brontë cleverly

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