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First Person Narrative: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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As the man who led a country through the Great Depression, I, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, witnessed more than one can imagine. As President of the United States, I had seen the scenes of the government. WWII was one of the most exhilarating wars in American history, and a war I had to lead. Let me take you back to how it all began.
On November 5th of 1932, I was elected as the leader of the country with John Nance Garner, as my Vice President. Simple enough, I went with the slogan, “Happy Days Are Coming”, fitting for the terrible depression America was facing at the moment. One of my first actions when I was in office, which began on March 4th of 1933, was the New Deal. The New Deal was part of my campaign that gave hope to America and had most likely won me the election. This “Deal”, were a group programs I set off after taking office in 1933, to help build the economy back up and soften the Depression. The New Deal had four key goals, restoration of the economy, creating jobs, addition of public facilities, and hope.
In October of 1929, the American economy took a huge hit from the stock market crash. Since so much people had invested their money and time in the banks, when the banks closed many had lost all of their money and were in the deep poverty. Because of this, one of my first actions of the New Deal was the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Every bank in the United States had to abide by this rule. This banking program I launched not only ensured the safety and protection of deposits made my users of banks, but had also restored America’s faith in banks, causing people to once again use banks which contributed in enriching the economy. Another legislation I was determined to get passed by Congress was the Emergency Banking Bill of 1933. This bill was very similar to the FDIC and had actually led to the FDIC as well. The Emergency Banking Bill of 1933 had furthermore strengthened faith in banking by putting the federal government in control. With the main government in control, it caused the public feel more secure in their banking and finances.
With over 60 percent of the nation in poverty, money was low and had caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs, resulting to depression. With that, I created the Works Progress Administration. This gave employment to over 8.5 million people who would build bridges, roads, buildings, etc. Another aid for unemployment I had passed was the Civilian Conservation Corporation (CCC), which was one of the New Deal’s most successful programs. What the CCC did was send about 3 million between the ages 17 through 23, who were single, to work in forest. The men were paid 30 dollars a month to plant trees and dig ditches. Lastly was the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) and the National Recovery Administration (NRA), what these two programs did to address unemployment were controlling working hours and the banishment of child labor.
Although jobs...

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