First Person Point Of View Of Vampires In Rhode Island History

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When thinking about Rhode Island history, vampires is not often aimage that comes to mind right away, unless you are asking the rightperson. Most will tell you of its colonial origins, or the boomingslave trade, or the dawn of the industrial revolution. Not many willmention figures such as Nellie Vaughn or Mercy Brown. Unless, ofcourse, the person being asked is into that kind of thing. I am oneof these people. I love to look at the aspects of history that are alittle more obscure, or fantastical. When this project was announced,I immediately knew what I would do. I wanted to visit the alleged"vampire graves" of Exeter/West Greenwich. Although maybe tougher to prove, Rhode Island's occult history isjust as important as its practical. Rhode Island was formed by thosesociety deemed outcasts. Smugglers, pirates, criminals, they allcalled Rhode Island home. This being the case, one cannot fullyexamine Rhode Island's past without taking a peek into the darker sideof things. Stories have been circulating around as far back as mostpeople can remember about various vampires said to have lived in RhodeIsland. Two of these with graves located conveniently close togetherare those of Nellie Vaughn and Mercy Brown, in West Greenwich andExeter respectively. I decided the only way to go on a true vampirehunt would be under the full moon, so armed with only our knowledge ofvampire lore and some flashlights, Mike, his girlfriend Jenna, and Iheaded out on our expedition once night had fallen. Once we arrived at the incredibly dark Route 102, we knew almostinstantly we were in vampire country. Maybe it was the circumstances,or just the darkness, but the woods and roads down here give off aneerie vibe. 102 is almost completely devoid of light of any kind,save for an occasional passing car or all-night diner along the sideof the road. Not wanting to spend any more time driving around herethan we needed to, we decided to head for the further grave of NellieVaughn first, and work our way back to Mercy's before finallyventuring home. The stories of Nellie Vaughn are chilling ones. In his book The NewEngland Ghost Files, Charles T. Robinson details many accounts from aCoventry woman he calls Marlene Chatfield. He details a particularincident in which Marlene visits the graveyard in the summer of 1993to do some grave rubbings with charcoal and paper. When Marleneattempts to rub Vaughn's grave, her paper is mysteriously ruined byseveral moisture spots, although the grave appears to be bone dry.Her charcoal then disappears, and when developed, photos taken of theheadstone appear reversed. The encounters intensify when Marlenerevisits the graveyard with her husband. While standing near thegrave, he hears a clear voice state "I am perfectly pleasant," beforered scratch marks appear on his face, effectively driving him from thegraveyard. Various other accounts describe a woman in Victorian eraclothing walking or hovering around Vaughn's grave, and...

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