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First Place Fund For Youths And Foster Care

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1. First Place Fund for Youths is a California based organization whose objectives are to ensure that youths who have emerged from foster care are able to start a new life with a lot of ease. These objectives include ensuring that these youths obtain discounted housing and assistance in life skills, employment assistance and financial assistance. This financial assistance is via micro-credit system. The other objective of this organization is to ensure that the youths are able to obtain or access education. This education is meant to prepare them for their futures once the support of the organization is withdrawn. 2. The organization has a vast capability to meet its objectives as stated above. The firm has been in existence for quite some time thus helping it to gain much experience on how to handle issues pertaining youths coming from the foster program. One of the strengths of this firm that will enable it to achieve its objectives is the kind of organization structure that it has adopted. There are various programs that will engage youths from various spheres to ensure that they benefit from the activities of the organization. The variety of the programs will enable the beneficiaries to become all round citizens who will be prepared and determined to take their lives to the next level. The organization has the financial resources that will enable it to fund programs like housing and micro-credit. The housing program will see these youths benefiting for a period of two years. The micro-credit shall enable the youths to access loans that will enable them to carry out their activities properly since they will have an opportunity of investing in various businesses. These investments may end up making them productive and hence self-reliant. The managerial team of the organization is experienced and competent enough to ensure that all the beneficiaries become independent individuals after the end of the program. These team lobbies for funds from various agencies that help it to finance its activities. They also have prudent financial management techniques that lead to accountability and transparency. These ensure that funds are set aside to be used according to the initial intentions.
The management has also hired a support team that is really helping the beneficiaries by availing various skills to them that will help them to become self-reliant at the end of their association with the organization. They facilitate this by organizing various counseling and advisory meetings that are geared towards achieving the same.
3. The staff, management team, and other external forces will meet these capabilities. These will help the organization to meet its objectives. They will play their specific roles in a coordination manner to ensure that the organization add value to the lives of the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries will, therefore, be advantaged in associating with an organization that is well place to take their lives to the next level.

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