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Literature helps give a different perspective to grasp knowledge from what is going on in other parts of the world. First They Killed My Father:a daughter of Cambodia remembers by Loung Ung, published by First Harper Perennial of New York in 2008 was evaluated by themes of geography, elements of culture, and literary analysis.

First They Killed My Father:a daughter of Cambodia remembers emphasized on the importance of the themes of geography. It is essential to understand where the story was taken place. Cambodia is located between Vietnam and Thailand. The relative location of Cambodia is important because to flee to America, many Cambodians travel through Vietnam, to Thailand because it is a safer route. Also, during the Khmer Rouge’s control several families fled to Vietnam illegally to escape the communist control.
The physical place of Cambodia described in detail the hardships that the Cambodians faced. The temperatures go up to 100 degrees by only midday, and let alone the scorching sun can cause excessive dehydration and delusions, but there is also an extremely long rainy season, where flooding is severely common. The interaction between Loung Ung’s family and the environment was helped by adapting to the cold climate change during night. Loung described it by sleeping, “ sardines under a big mosquito net in the house.”
Another important theme was the movement of people. Before the Khmer Rouge gained control, the people were transported by mostly bikes or motorcycles. Loung Ung came from a middle class family and even owned a small car, which only wealthy people owned. Once the people were involuntarily forced to leave their homes they had to travel on foot for a long, cruel journey only to be ended by the probability of death.

First They Killed My Father:a daughter of Cambodia remembers also acknowledges the elements of culture. In Phnom Penh there was a clear distinction between social class. The...

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