1st Timothy Analysis

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1st Timothy

Introductory Issues

There is a lot of debate amongst scholars about who the author was of this epistle. Some scholars say that it was written by a “Paulinist” which is a follower of Paul who is to be one or two generations from the apostle Paul. Other scholars say that there are many stylistic differences such as; conjunctions, prepositions and pronouns. Many scholars made this argument to be a four pronged pastoral authenticity debate with; historical, stylistic, ecclesiastical, and theological questions about the epistle. Some scholars agreed on the fact that the historical arguments did not match up with the book of Acts but they do not understand how Acts can be used as historical reliability unless this letter was written after Acts which isn’t the case. The vocabulary of this epistle was questioned due to the fact that there were a high number of words used in the New Testament but these words were not used by Paul, they were used by other writers throughout the bible. Therefore scholars assumed that Paul did not write this epistle due to the amount of words used in the letter. This debate did not hold up to other scholars accusations because word counting cannot support the meaning of who wrote the epistle or not. The ecclesiastical issue was that the apostle Paul was writing about something within the church that was apparently after his lifetime although he was continuously in the church speaking in person about some things he put it into writing. This allegation did not have enough evidence for this argument to stand amongst scholars. Some scholars also argued that the theology was Gnosticism of the second century, meaning it was a secondary follower and that it was unlike the apostle Paul to write something like this. Many scholars came to a conclusion that Paul did not write this letter do to the fact that they felt Paul wasn’t capable of writing something of this matter. Although a handful of scholars disagreed others felt that this epistle was unique and that it wasn’t written like all the other epistles but it was merely written to one person. The date of the epistle wasn’t something that scholars argued too much about. Scholars agreed that it was written around 63-66 A.D. Scholars say that the release of this epistle was after the apostle Paul’s release from his first imprisonment in Rome and before he was re-arrested in his final imprisonment. Paul wrote this letter to Timothy because he trusted him to be the head of the church, he put him in charge to stop false teachings from happening that differed from his teachings.

Chapter 1 Interpretive Summary

Paul begins chapter one by stating it is him and that he is writing to Timothy. He begins telling Timothy that he really needed him to stay in Ephesus to help stop the false teachings that are different from his teachings. Paul did this because he was concerned that the teaching in Ephesus was nothing but myths and genealogies. The people of Ephesus were...

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