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First Woman Leader Of A Muslim Nation

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“..In pain you shall bring forth children, and you shall be dependent on your husband, and he shall rule over you. (Genesis 3 v 16.) Religion is almost exclusively to blame for how women are treated in Islam. Benazir Bhutto lead the movement from believing women would be nothing without men, to a woman can lead a country and her people. Religion tells us that the woman is created for the man, and that she shall serve him, treat him as if he was a God. We also learn from the bible that the single purpose of a woman is continuing on the males’ lineage.
The bible, along with religion, attempts to destroy the science of birth. Every man born, was born to a woman, and is almost entirely ...view middle of the document...

Women in Islam are not afforded the same commodities as a man. For instance, while a woman can be forced into a singular marriage by her family, with worse consequences than death for not being loyal or separating from her husband, the man may enter into as many marriages as he would like, whether they be temporary or permanent. Women are not looked upon to be cable of political leadership.
It has always been a man’s place in politics and not a woman’s. After her father’s death, Bhutto was exiled in order for her to not take over her father’s role in the government. Women were not allowed into politics for many reasons, such as they were needed at home. It was assumed a woman could not effective lead for if she did the country would turn to ruin from her inability to make the tough choices. Bhutto was ultimately elected Prime Minster after her exile was lifted when she campaigned for office in 1986.
After Bhutto came into power, many remained skeptical that a woman really could run a country. It was argued that she did the least for the country than any other Government official. Bhutto claimed she that while she did that which no other could do, it was looked at as the least because she refused to sell lies to buy time. (Chua-Eoan, 2007)
While woman are still fighting for equal rights in Pakistan, the same cannot be said for women’s rights in the United States. On June 4 1919 the Nineteenth Amendment granted women suffrage, and was ratified over a year later. The women who fought for women’s suffrage in the U.S. were, for the most part, left unharmed. (Catt, 1923)
In Muslim culture a woman who spoke against a man would be publicly shamed, and put to death. A woman’s place was to stand behind the men of her country, to do otherwise would condone death upon her and shame on her family. Bhutto was the first woman leader of a Muslim nation.
Bhutto had been exiled many times during her reign. After her father’s death Bhutto was jailed and eventually exiled. As soon as her ban was lifted she came back and ran for Prime mister. After her first term ended she was once again exiled, and this time General Muhammad Zia-ul-Hia took over the country.
At this point General Muhammad was working against everything Bhutto had done for her country. That entailed reducing democracy in the country and taking away basic human rights from the people. While he was widely hated, he had enough military support to keep him in office.
However, after a while, Bhutto was brought back. Bhutto had been waited in the United Kingdom for her exile to be over. Bhutto reran for office in 2007, and with the help of the United States, was able to remove General Muhammad from office and she was welcomed back with open arms from her people. Yet, not every citizen wanted her back.
While it would be nice to praise Bhutto for avoiding death after...

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