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Students entering college for the first time become concern with their college life. The students are on their own once they enter college. There are no parents or guardians telling them when to do homework, when to go to bed, or how to eat healthy. These student are now responsible on how they are going to succeed in school and meet their own needs. From the beginning, these students wonder what their experience is going to be like and are they going to handle the demands from college. Students are becoming more stressful due to academic demands, social life, and work. First-year college students should receive more help from school to learn how to help themselves and become independent.
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Anyways it is not like they are going to be on their own the entire time. There will be family, friends, and co-workers helping. Besides it is common for college students to experience greater levels of stress related to academics. The brain actually works harder to complete tasks under pressure; however, if students acquire to be more open minded and positive, they might be able to avoid the negative impacts of stress.
A year on year nationwide survey that consists of more than 200,000 freshman lead by the University of California, states that the emotional health of first-year students have never been lower in the twenty-five years the question has been asked. Many students are stressed out about grades and relationships to suicidal thoughts. At Southeastern Louisiana University, I have conducted a survey of freshmen English students indicating that one out of five students are constantly stressed while one in ten thought about committing suicide. A few symptoms of stress are having trouble concentrating, increased worrying, trouble finishing assignments on time, not going to class, short temper or increased agitation, tension, headaches, tight muscles, changes in eating habits, and changes in sleeping habits. I interviewed Kimberley Mamani, a junior at Elmira College in Elmira, New York, and she said “My first semester as a freshman was probably the worst because of my stress. I was adjusting to a new environment and I had trouble managing my time between school and work.” Kimberly is majoring in psychology, one who studies the human mind and its function. With her experience she states “freshman will not get rid of stress but they can reduce it by attending class and paying attention, managing their time wisely, and studying in groups. It is okay to take a break from school work sometimes.” Four in Ten of the students in my survey think they should cut down on drinking or going out and thirty-five percent say that they discussed committing suicide in the past year. It is not all bad for today’s students. Most students enjoy college, but the survey still shows plenty of sources...

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