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Fish Migration Essay

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Climate plays an important environmental influence on our ecosystems, and climate changes and the influences of it affect ecosystems in many ways. Ecosystems are already showing negative impacts under current levels of climate change. One of the biggest issues that we are facing nowadays is global warming. With the global warming and the rising of the temperature of sea water, it has great impact on the species in the ocean. More species is facing extinction and with the rising of temperature, it could force species in the ocean to migrate to higher latitudes where temperatures are lower and easier to survive. In this research, I would like to know if global warming would force fish migrate ...view middle of the document...

These migrations could lead to numerous extinctions of marine species outside the Arctic and Antarctic, especially in tropical waters, according to the study's projections.” The fish migration to north might not only just a claim, but it is something that is happening right now.
By doing this research, there are mainly four things that we need to analyze and collect data from it. First, because there are so many fish in the sea, it’s not easy to tell if they are migrating or not, therefore, we will pick particularly coldwater species to do the comparisons to its pervious catch amount to see if the catch amount is decline or not. Next, we will collect the water temperature changes from the habitat and the migrating locations. Then, we will do the test on these fish to see its reaction and survivability in different water temperature. Lastly, we will run tests on zooplankton to see if the water temperature might influence its survivability.
The coldwater species for this research would be sea bass, red mullet and pacific salmon. The habitat of sea bass, red mullet and pacific salmon are Cape Hatteras of North Carolina, Mediterranean Sea, and Pacific Ocean. And the locations that we predict they might migrate are British waters, Northern European waters, and Beaufort Sea. After collecting the catch amount of these three kinds of fish every month, we’ll have a chart of its catch amount, we can...

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