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Fish Oil Is Beneficial For Children And Adults

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Fish Oil Is Beneficial For Children And Adults.

The thought of consuming large quantities of herring and mackerel monthly, in an attempt to acquire the essential omega-3 fatty acids, repels many people. Knowing this, scientists have successfully extracted the beneficial Omega-3 components. While salmon and tuna steaks may make for tasteful entrees from time to time, eating seafood daily can quickly become unappealing. Fish oil is beneficial for children and adults who suffer from health conditions as well as those that retain good health. Healthful properties extend well beyond advertisements geared toward the masses.

The omega-3 fatty acids, popularly referred to as fish oil, are considered unsaturated fats. Science differentiates between unsaturated and saturated fats quite clearly. One fact that separates the two is the temperature at which melting occurs. Saturated fats melt at a higher temperature than unsaturated fats. The science behind fatty acids is rather complex; carboxylic acids with long hydrocarbon chains are the building blocks of saturated and unsaturated fats. This is important to the human body for many reasons; one reason being unsaturated fats do not cause plaque build-up in arteries like saturated fats due to their molecular structure in the human blood stream.

The Omega-3's are widely recognized for their role in heart health. Not only do these fatty acids help healthy hearts, they also benefit those with cardiovascular disease. Research has proved atherosclerotic plaque reduces with consistent consumption of omega-3's. Further, incidences of irregular heartbeats decline with these fatty acids; high blood pressure has been known to slightly drops as well.

There are many other benefits associated with omega-3's beyond cardiovascular health. Skin, hair, and inflamed tissues respond well to unsaturated fats. Brain function, bones, depression, and breast health are also supported. In fact, some studies state fish oil can derive the same results as prescription medications for conditions such as depression. Having said this, it is best to work with a physician and let him or her know about any current or intended inclusion of dietary supplementation if medical conditions are present. Self-medicating with natural products can produce desirable outcomes; at the same time they are not meant to take the place of a doctor.

Segments of the population are interested in longevity and slowing the aging process. Centenarians, or people who have lived...

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