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As my eyes glazed over the crystal clear lake, only one thing came to my mind. The fishing was going to be awesome. After getting to the secluded Lake of the Woods, located in Ontario, Canada, we wasted no time in getting our poles in the water in hopes of catching the big wahnee. I felt enormously optimistic about the fishing trip, since I knew all of the tricks of the trade about fishing. We rushed down to the shoreline and threw our poles in. After my eight family members and I got tired of reputedly throwing lures from the shore and catching nothing, we decided to venture out on the resort lodes boats. There was only about an hour left of sunlight that day, so we all piled into the boats and raced off to catch the big one. After casting into the weeds for about 30 minutes, I got lucky and snagged a pike. The fish probably just incoherently ran into my lure, but I was excited because it was the first pike I have ever caught or seen in real life. We threw the monster into the live well and headed back to the lodge before it got darker out. Upon arriving at the lodge we arrogantly showed off our massive catch to the guides. After the guide examined the fish for a split second, he said in his Canadian accent, "awe, he is just a baby," and threw him back into the water. As I looked up at the guide, I noticed that this act didn't faze him at all. I thought to myself- my god, how big are the fish up in this neck of the woods. But, my heart was crushed, for after putting all my blood, sweat, and tears into catching and hauling the fish back to the lodge. I knew tomorrow was going to be better. After a good hearty nights sleep, we struck out bright and early with the guides in the hope of catching the illusive walleye. It was cool that morning and the fog was just hovering over the water. However, this minor inconvenience didn't stop us in our pursuit. We drove about 4 miles from the lodge and stopped over a point and started jigging lures. After doing this for about an hour and not catching anything, we moved on. We did this stop and go action all day to try and find the schooling walleye. After a good hard days work of jigging points and only catching about 20 small walleye between the nine of us and the 2 guides, we decided to call it a day. That night we...

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