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Fishing In The Gene Pool Essay

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“I belonged to a new underclass, no longer determined by social status or the color of your skin. No, we now have discrimination down to a science.”-Vincent. The previous statement was said by the main character Vincent in the futuristic movie known as Gattaca. In the movie Gattaca, parents who wish to have a child are recommended to go to a geneticist in order to help pre select their future child. The reason for this is to help avoid the chances of the child inheriting genetic diseases such as heart disease, cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, etc. Another reason is to choose the child who has the most desirable genes such as the child having the gene for excelling in mathematics or having an artistic mind. Although these are some good reasons the society in the movie encouraged people to preselect children it came with some disadvantages of those children who were not. For example, if someone who was created the natural way applied for a job in Human Resources at a company, who has a few undesirable genes and is prone to have a genetic disease versus someone who was preselected, who has the most preferable genes and little to none risks of a genetic disease. The person who was preselected is going to receive the job over the person who was created naturally. The people who have the best genes in the movie will go further in life than those who do not. Although Gattaca might have made preselecting seem crude and discriminatory, it could actually be of good use if used appropriately in order to avoid genetic diseases and give the child a good start in life with the best possible genes. If parents nowadays started to go to geneticists to help prevent diseases or traits their child could inherit, it would establish a better chance for that child to live longer in life with very few complications.

In some countries, the the procedure of artificially inseminating the female with the desired sex chromosomes instead of using the process for medical reasons only, is banned. Sex selection for medical most differentially should be available to parents. For medical reasons, it will help prevent some risks that that child could obtain in the future of their growth. Vitro fertilisation or (IVF) is a process in which ovum and sperm cells are extracted and fertilized outside of the woman’s body[1]. A process known as (PGD) or Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, views the embryos to see if there’s any genetic disorders or diseases that will put that child at risk and in addition it can determine the sex of the baby[1]. Preselecting the sex of a child for medical reasons is beneficial when it comes to avoiding diseases such as Hemophilia, Muscular Dystrophy, or even Color-blindness. The diseases that were previously mentioned are X-linked diseases, meaning that mostly males are going to be the ones affected by these diseases than females. The sex chromosomes in males are XY and in females are XX, which the extra X chromosome in females serves as a back-up,...

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