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Fit For A King Essay

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It is important to me that I attend the right college- a college that not only upholds the standard for quality education, but a college dedicated to encouraging intellectual curiosity, developing analytical and critical thinking skills, and creating leaders and active citizens. Because the King’s College embodies these virtues, the eleventh House of the King’s College should correspond with a prolific leader. It should be represented by a man who wrote with “force and flair,” a man who boldly addressed the social and political turmoil of his time- Thomas Stearns Eliot.
T.S. Eliot dared to explore the realm of intensified distraction, alienation, and disillusion that characterized his generation. Additionally, while the distinctly modern themes of T.S. Eliot’s literature delineated the departure of nineteenth-century poetry, they continue articulate on universally relevant conflicts. From The Waste Land to The Idea of a Christian ...view middle of the document...

4-7). At that moment, the Hollow Men came to a palpable materialization within my conscience; that is when it all made sense. I finally began to understand what my English teachers had known and what T.S. Eliot wanted his readers to know. “The Hollow Men,” in particular, articulates on dangers of a myopic mind, bound by societal conformity. T.S. Eliot manipulates the Hollow Men to further emphasize this theme by interchanging the Hollow Men with the Stuffed Men. His use of “hollow” implies the idea of emptiness within and the lacking of real value or significance, while his use of “stuffed” implies abundance, to the point of overflowing. I realized this was not a mistake, but a symbolic representation: the Hollow Men’s heads “stuffed” with absurd, inane ideas which they have adopted, causing them to be empty, futile, and “hollow.” The “stuffed” heads of the Hollow Men also imply their inability to contemplate and reason for themselves, while their speech has been reduced to a mere faint, an inconsequential whisper. They are merely walking corpses, who are “empty” and detached from reality.
In writing “The Hollow Men,” T.S. Eliot sought to preserve the virtue of self-sufficient thought- a virtue we as children are constantly reminded to maintain; but never with the sharp intensity of Eliot’s words. His ideas assert the paramount importance of independent thought, which parallel the bold, compelling worldview and interpretation of leadership the King’s College conveys.
Moreover, it is important to note another crucial characteristic of Eliot’s that parallels that of King’s College- eloquence. One of the most respected and influential literary figures of his era, T.S. Eliot was venerated for the elegance and incision of his work. With the combination of striking intelligence and training in philosophy and literature, Eliot virtually invented modern English poetry. His endlessly experimentation led to a language which, though close to contemporary speech, was poetic and capable of extraordinary spiritual, emotional, and intellectual resonance.

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