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Fitness And Wellnes Coordinator Essay

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Fitness and Wellness Coordinator is a profession that coordinates assigned programs and personnel, in areas such as fitness, aerobics, activities for seniors, adults and children, strength training and others. The purpose of this career is to provide professional fitness services to all members and clients of the center. Throughout exercises, proper nutrition and active life meet patient ‘health and fitness needs. Also provides support to the Fitness Manager in the overseeing of daily fitness operations of all fitness related services. Maintain a positive and professional behavior during interactions and work related relationships with all persons at the center including members.
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The purpose of this article is to emphasize the need for the school system to create and
promote strong good habit of nutrition and physical activity. As a fitness & wellness
coordinators we will be able to participate and get involved in school and community
wellness activities to promote and support wellness. (McCarry, 2007).
There are certain personalities trait and skills that a Fitness and Wellnes Coordinator
must possess. In order to become successful in this career and have a lasting impact on
people and on your coworkers will be very favorable to posses the following traits. We
will considered that integrity is one of the basic trait that a fitness coordinator must
have because honestly and ethical is required for this type of job. Initiative is another
skill needed for this position. This is challenging career in which carry on
responsibilities and challenges is part of this career. This type of job requires a desire to
lead, to be in charge, and offer opinions and direction. Being a reliable, responsible and
fulfilling duties is also part of the trait that a Fitness coordinator must have. This is
career that has a variable workplace setting for which we must be open to changes.
Also this job requires being careful about details and through in completing work tasks.
Being pleasant with other on the job and show a good nature, cooperative attitude is a
plus in this profession. Being an analytical person and have a good sense will be very
useful to address issues and problems. Work and be surrounded by people is sometimes
a stressing situation, that why it is important to be able to maintain your calm, and keep
emotions in control.
This profession has many goals, the reduction...

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